I had my smear done at the start of May - Results came back 4 weeks later with low grade and high risk hpv, was advised for 2nd smear in 6 months. I went to dr at start of June after receiving results as I have pain and bleeding after sex and bled for 4 weeks straight after my smear test (I am on the mini pill and don't ever have a period). Dr examined me and referred me to gyno clinic for a colposcopy. While doing this dr asked me for any dates im away on holiday, I told her these dates. I have now waited over 12 WEEKS for my letter with a date for colposcopy. I received my letter on the 4th September for an app on the 28th September - This is the day after I go away to Greece on holiday... I just called the clinic to change app to be told there are no apps in October so I now need to wait on ANOTHER letter for another app. Considering I had my smear in May to STILL be waiting for anything to progress I am really at the end of my tether. I am in Scotland and it is NHS Forth Valley I am dealing with. In my eyes, if there ends up being a problem and they have messed me around for this long do I have any sort of rights to take this further. I cannot afford to go private and feel I shouldn't have to! This is really started to get to me now. 

Hi sam

im sorry for what ur going through. It was  a bit of a different situation for me but prior to me being diagnosed my gp urgently referred me for the procedure due to suspected cancer. Long story short loads of mess ups and despite having an alleged two week window for an appointment I was told I may have to wait a bit longer because something went wrong with the referral. I basically turned up at the women's day clinic and asked if they would see me if someone didn't turn up. They agreed to see me at the end of clinic but in the end someone didn't turn up so got taken earlier. its prob not much help but might be worth trying?? Be persistent as its ur health and sanity so no one will criticise u for it.

hope u get seen soon