Reoccurance of Cervical Cancer

Hi Everyone,


I have recently been discharged from hospital after almost three months. I know my daughter has been keeping you updated on progress. Following surgery to remove bowel cancer, I have been told that the cervical cancer I was treated for last year has returned. My lymph nodes are inflamed and I am experiencing some pain in that area. As a consequence of the bowel surgery, I have lost a lot of weight and currently weigh 5 stone 11. I have no appetite and am very weak and tired.I understand I will undergo some sort of chemotherapy but this will only commence once I have gained a little bit of weight. I still have drains in my kidneys as the lymph nodes were pressing against the urethra. I have been told very little about what sort of treatment I will receive - has anyone had similar experience of reoccurance of the disease. I was not able to have a hysterectomy and only had radiotherapy over six weeks and three bracytherapy. Can I have more radiotherapy, or am I unable because I had it last year? Will it just be chemotherapy?


I empathasise with those of you suffering from cystitus following radiotherapy - I had it about a year but it seems to have subsided. It takes a lot of tolerance so hang on in there.





I think you can have more chemo and radiotherapy - they added 4 extra sessions to the end of mine but I only did an extra 2 cus of being so poorly.

If you go on the Douglas mcmillan website I put in cervical can forum UK and it's about half way down (it is on mine) this should answer your questions 

Hi Lorraine,

Sorry to read this. I believe that you can have more chemo but I don't think you can have more than 28 radio and 3 brachy.

Wishing you all the best and hoping things get better for you very soon.
Lots of love

Hi Lorraine 


i too too have just finished being treated for cervical cancer reoccurence to the overary , when diagnosed the first time I had a radical hysterectomy, no other treatment , this time I was treated with 5 weeks chemo and radiotherapy , it is my understanding that you can't have radiotherapy to the same area again , 

sending you love and hugs and positive thoughts 



Hi Lorraine,

I had 7 weeks of radiotherapy(35 sessions) and 6 rounds of chemo,was supposed to be 7 but

was too ill for the final round.That was for recurrence(see below) I had radical hyst

the first time.I can't have any more radiotherapy.

I don't know if you may be able to have targeted radiotherapy.It could be an option.

Hope you get some answers soon.

Take care

Becky x

P.S. I've been in remission for two years in December so there is hope X

Thank you all for your positive reassurance and best wishes. This certainly inspires me that this battle will be won.

I am still very weak but at home which is a blessing. I am still struggling with appetite and food but I am comfortable and having small amounts.

Speak soon with progress update

Lol xxx


Hi Lorraine,

Hope your appetite improves and you get your treatment plan soon.

Keep fighting.

Big and gentle hugs to you.