Hello All.  I've had a few messages saying that you've noticed I've not been on in a while, It's time to update you all on whats been happening.

I had been waiting on biopsy being done but I ended up in hospital a month ago with pains in my lower abdomen. 

I had a scan, a month after the previous scan which showed a 'thickening' (as they like to call it) The new scan showed significant changes in that it has sprad to a few sites in the lining or soft tissue of the bowel.  It has caused the bowel to block badly and I've spent a month overall in hospital trying to relieve the symptoms and to get the bowels to work again.  There is great discomfort in all this and so far the bowels are not in good working order.  

Surgeons are of the opinion at this point that surgery is not suitable to remove the cancer as  it is not all in one area. Neither can they drain the fluid which is causing me great discomfort as again it is not all in one place.

They have let me 'out for the weekend' to spend some time at home before going back to the MacMillan unit I am currently staying at.  I have seen the oncologists and they want to proceed with Chemo starting Tuesday.  As I am not physically strong, they are giving me one type of chemo to see how I get on with the view to adding a second type if I am able to tolerate it.  Their hope is to halt the growth or possibly even shrink it.

I have placed my care into the hands of the Lord, having recently become a christian and I feel really strong about my faith and I fear nothing going forward.  I do not like the  thought of going through chemo again - who would? - but I know I am in much better hands now than ever.

I hope you are all getting on well, and that you have been keeping well.

God Bless


Hi Sharon

So nice to see a post from you, even if it is not the best of circumstances, lots of us have been thinking of you. So sorry to hear you have been in such discomfort and had to be away from home for so long.

I hope you are able to have a lovely weekend at home with your family before starting treatment next week

Sending you all my love and best wishes. 


Hi Sharon

So sorry to hear what you are going through and what you are facing. I will say a special prayer for you tonight and send lots of love, strength and positive thoughts your way.  Keep pushing forward, we will be with you every inch of the way. Keep us posted when you are able, I'll be thinking of you lots.

Big hugs


Hi Sharon, I'm glad to hear from you.

I know how you may be feeling emotionally and am here if you need anything. I'm also a Stage 4 lady following a reoccurrence and got thru the chemo. If you need anything or just want to talk, I'm here for you as I'm sure all the Jo's ladies are.

Much love, Anna xx

So sorry to read your post.  I have said a prayer for you, and you too Anna.

Hi Sharon,

I am devastated to read this post. I have been missing you on the forum, thinking about you and wondering how you have been getting on. I am so glad that you find strength in your faith, it must be a marvellous thing to have.

What can I say? I wish you all the very best for now and for the future. I hope your treatment goes smoothly and successfully and that you are back here to tell us all about it as you proceed.

With so much love



Hi Sharon, I'm glad to have heard from you though I'm devastated to hear this, so sorry that it's a recurrence. You have been a great source of information and support for me and others too. Keep fighting this.  All my love lea xx


Well, you're definitely one strong lady, I admire your strength, 

Wishing you the very best in your recovery and hoping it's as pain free as possible, Godbless, best wishes xXx

Oh Sharon I'm so sorry that this has happened to you and that you have another fight on your hands x I really hope the chemo works for you and that you get rid of your pain and discomfort. Remember we are all thinking about you and praying for your recovery.

Take care 

Sue xxxx

I am really sorry you have to go through this again.. I hope treatment works well and you get better soon :-) 

Oh, Sharon!  So sorry to hear you are having to go through this.  Thinking of you and really hoping the treatment works well for you. Sending a huge hug!  :)

Kirsty xx

Hi Sharon,

Gutted for you :-(

Wishing you strength to get through this next round of chemo.

Keeping my fingers crossed that you have a positive out come

with the treatment.

Thinking of you

Take care

Becky xx

Im so sorry to hear your news.

Stay strong and positive as you have been for the past year or so on this forum. You are in my prayers 

Dons x

Hi Sharon. How are you getting on? I've just started some new chemo, cisplatin/etoposide. What are you on? You must be due a scan to check on progress, I hope and pray it's a good outcome. Much love x



I've not been on here in ages and just seen this. Really sorry to hear this news And sending you the very best wishes for successful treatment. X


I am gutted to hear your news. I don't know if you remember but I sent you a Pm last year when I was diagnosed with stage 4, you were fantastic and your replys really helped me come to terms with it. You gave me  courage and hope.  I have never posted on this forum but I have followed yours posts and have seen the many times you have helped and supported fellow members.  I am really hoping your treatment works. 

God bless you Sharon

You are in my thoughts and my prayers

Love Liz xxx