New Comer

Happy Easter Everybody, I'm  a new comer, having search for a support group for cervical cancer patient .

I was diagnosed stage 2B2 which spread to my right lymph node.

After 7 weeks of Chemo/radiotherapy , I was told that lymphnode back to normal size, and cancer in the cervic can"t be seen.

( done 3 Brachytreatment)

But I'm still worried about my sigmoid which look suspicious in PET scan.

Now I'm waiting for my first post treatment MRI and CT scan,

The problem now is , I'm having panic attack and anxiety sleepless nght...has anybody experience this?

Am not sure of what I can/can not eat....Please help


Hi Magaretha,

felt I had to come and say "Hi" and provide some support as you sound so scared, you poor thing. At my 6 week, my consultant did not examine me instead preferring to wait for the MRI before discussing the outcome of my treatment.  So its positive that you have already been told the cervix is clear?  I've not had a PET scan, was that done because your team had concerns about your bowel, is this when something "suspicious" has been identified? I also really worry about the chances of the tumour having spread and wory about every little pain and upset tummy etc.  I have extremely sore joints and hips and also sometimes feel some "pressure" in my back passage and all of this I have discussed with my consultant but he doesn't/cant comment until he has the images so I understand how worrying and scary it is.  I find out on 9th April, when is your next appointment to discuss results? I cant tell you to stop worrying as its competely natural but if you are having anxiety/panic attacks, is there someone you can talk to? You could perhaps speak to someone on the Jo's helpline when it reopens or contact someone via the Macmillan website?  The waiting is really hard and this is a difficult time for you I you have a good network of family and friends to speak to also?  Please dont suffer in silence and if you need to, please send me a private messge and I'll help you in whatever way I only need to ask


Hello Andrea

Thank you for your kind reply.

Sorry took me a while to response, how do I send you a private message?

at the moment I'm doing yoga and tai chi to help me with my anxiety,also I tried the EFT method which I find very helpfull in calming me down.

The hardest part is sleepness night, at the most I get 4 hours of broken sleep.

My MRI  and CT scan due on 01st May and my appointment with my consultant will be on 20th May,

finger cross everything OK

Thanks for getting in touch Andrea, means a lot


Hi ladies ...just wondering if there ever get together/meet-up amongst member?

I'm interested to have a meet-up and sharing ....please let me know....thanks

Hi Margaretha,

We’re based all over the place, but there are local support groups around the country where you can meet other women. All of the details are on the Jo’s website here

They also run an annual get together in London which I’m really hoping to go to this year

If there isn’t a Jo’s group in your area, you might find another more general cancer support service you can get to - there’s a centre run by Maggie’s at my hospital which has details of all the services in my area, as well as offering support themselves.

Good luck! x

Thank you Rosehip, will look them up....take care xxx

Hi ladies...i haven't been posting for a while...been back at work on reduced hours, been on counselling for anxiety, thyroid is playing up, becomes hyper active.

The good news is I had the clear result after my 3 months, so now check-up 6 monthly....praise The Lord..

But.....the last week has been suffering from lower back pain/hip pain and my GP recommended to go for bone x-ray on the safe side to make sure cancer has not spread to bone....aaaccchhhh

am feeling scared now....

Is it normal to have lower back pain after chemo/radio therapy? my treatment finished on 31st January

Appreciate if anyone can enlighten me.....have a good day