Symtons of reoccurence


I was diagnosed Aug 22 with stage 2b cervical cancer, had a radical hysterectomy, chemo, radio & brachy that finished December 22. Since then I had to have another nodule removed in June, which turned out to be not cancerous. In the last few weeks my bowel habits have changed, my bladder (which I had problems with since surgery) doesn’t seem to want to work normally and I have another aching painful area in my lower abdomen/along my knicker line.

I was only seen for my checkup 3/4 weeks ago and they didn’t pick anything up. Has anyone else had the same sort of issues?

Hi :wave: how is everything now?

I get very similar pains post radical hysterectomy and I’m 18 months on. At present I have bad bowels (they have said I’ve developed mild colitis) and I also have bladder damage meaning I have to self Catheterise.

I think that when I get a bit ill it all flares up and most likely normal.


I developed an aching pain in my lower abdomen/groin + top of thigh post treatment (RH + chemo-radio in 2017). In my case it was the start of lymphoedema.

I had a lot of nerve damage to my bladder during my RH, which resulted in signidicant urinary retention. If my bladder got overful it felt very uncomfortable/painful. My bladder function gradually improved over the course of a year or two but I needed to self catheterise for a long time. I still have a degree of urinary retention but last year a urologist advised me I could stop using catheters,

Although you’ve had a recent check up, no harm contacting your medical team to update them about your new symptoms.


I completed chemo/radiation/brachy 3 wks ago for 2B. On occasion I feel a little cramping, low back pain for about 2 days straight, and more discharge than usual. The heavy bleeding stopped during treatment. I have the 3 month PET and gynoonc visit coming up. My fear is reoccurrence yes. I really hope these are just after pains and the body recovering from the horrific trauma to the pelvis. I wish for your complete healing and recovery. Thank you for sharing, I’m going through a similar experience