Yesterday I finished my RT. I was told its in remission woohoo. I'm confused as to my follow up because the doc said they don't Do follow up scans unless I have symptoms of recourrance. Is that normal procedure. only my faith in the hospital is not great ..

Aw that's fantastic news!!! With regards to follow ups I know every hospital is different, mine I have had 2 mri's since I finished my treatment in July, funny enough I get my results from my second one today :-/ 

i wouldn't worry to much about your follow ups they are obviously very confident you will be ok :-) 


Hello lbooker, that's really good news. As for follow-up's, I have had 2 CT scans since treatment ended, roughly 4 months apart, and that is how it will go for me for the forseeable future.  I will also see the Oncologist every 3 - 4  months at a separate appointment for a 'physical' check-up.  That is how it's done here in Northern Ireland where I live.   Although waiting for the results is stressful, it's reassuring that I'll be checked regularly.  I take it you are in the UK mainland, it seems that wherever you are in the country has a bearing on how your follow-up treatment goes.  It seems crazy to wait until (hopefully not) you show signs or symptoms of recurrence, surely that can't be good - it's unacceptable in my view.  I'd contact your doctor or the doctors where you had your treatment & play the ''stressed out can't cope I think it's come back''  card,  anything to get a scan,.  If they think you're having a breakdown because of the anxiety of it all, they will scan you to reassure you.   I wouldn't accept this, no way.  Demand regular scans.  I wouldn't care what the cost is to the NHS, and lets face it most of these things come down to money.


Yes Sharon you are right, it does come down to money. I do live in mainland UK too. I just thought it was odd that I wouldnt get a scan and what makes it worse is that it took 9 months for them ti take me seriously about my worries of having cancer. I will be asking fir scans as it will be on my mind alot. Thankyou both fir your replies xx

Well done you so pleased for you keep positive n move forward xx

Thanks Karen.. Well done to you also xxx


Just want to say well done. I have only had one scan since I finished treatment in 2011! My oncologist also believes there is no need to scan me unless I present with symptoms of recurrence, so this is not unusual. Although personally, I would prefer the reassurance of a scan....:-)