Refused colposcopy! Please help

I have been having gyno problems for just over a year. I often bleed in between periods and sometimes my periods last for three weeks or more. Intercourse with my partner is sometimes painful and sometimes not. At the beginning of this year I noticed I sometimes had light spotting after intercourse, this has steadily progressed and now occurs every time I have intercourse (the bleeding although still light has increased too). I have awful period pain and really bad discharge, I find I have to change my underwear up to four times a day.

Multiple visits to the doctor, they referred me to see a gynocologist, I was basically brushed off and told to wait for my smear test (in six months time), I told the doctor how much pain I was in and how it is really beginning to affect my life, with the worry bringing me down the most. I was point blank refused any investigation. I pointed out that smear tests are believed to only be 40% effective, the doctor simply said yes that’s true, I said so what if the smear doesn’t pick up cancer and I do have it, she again dismissed me and said there’s nothing she can do.

I have had a quick physical examination with my doctor where I was told the excessive discharge was obvious but the cervix looked ‘pretty normal’, and that’s it.

I desperately want a colposcopy or any kind of investigation, do I have a right to demand this? Otherwise I am thinking of opting for a full hysterectomy


Could you say to the gyne clinic, I want this all in writing because if I have my smear and it comes back abnormal or cancer I will seek legal action against you, I know it's not the same but the hospital refused my son hearing aids despite hearing loss and bad speech,  when I said if I find out his speech is due to his hearing loss I will seek legal advice against you as you are well aware of this, they listend and did as I asked. its bad you have to stoop to that but your health comes first, don't take no for a answer. 

First speak to PALS see if they can help. If not, have you considered a private colposcopy? I don't know the cost, but I think I read £180 somewhere on here. Maybe worth it for peace of mind. 

Good luck,



idea ring the std clinic get an appointment there?  when they can't find anything wont they refer you? 

In my local hospital it's in the same bit I think as there was std leaflets in the waiting room.


Sorry to hear you are having all this stress. You seem to be being treated very badly. As you know, bleeding after intercourse is not normal and something which is usually taken seriously. Is there another GP in the practice you can see for a second opinion. If not then I would go to PALS as Roobz suggested with a history of what you have been going through. At least they should be able to give you some advice. At the end of the day this is your body, and however hard it is, you might need to make a fuss to get treated. Don't be pushed over. Good luck.