Lab refused to test!

Hi I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I was advised when I was pregnant to have a smear test after giving birth due to inflamation on my cervix, my son is 7 months now and I went 2 weeks ago for a smear test where the nurse said there was still inflamation there and wrote this on the test for the lab! I have found out yesterday that the lab r now refusing to test if because I’m not “routinely” due for a smear test until the end of the year!! I now feel like I’m at a dead end on what to do next! Any advice welcome thank you xx

Hi have you had any swabs taken for infection and do you have any symptoms apart from inflammation? Will your nurse/doc refer you to a gynecologist for a more thorough investigation? It is a while to wait until your next smear is due and i am sure there's nothing sinister going on, but you want that reasurrance. I know you can pay for smear tests privately and if you have any medical cover you could go down that route fast track x

This happened to me and I am still so angry about it. Iv been bleeding after sex for over a year along with other symptoms, my gp said I needed a smear test but the hospital rejected it as I'm not due one for another year. Howevet my gp did refer me to gyno but this took 2 months. My gyno thought I had and ectropian so I went back for colposcopy and treatment.

However I got my biopsy results today and it just says there are cells that need to be removed very vague but my appointment for another colposcopy is Monday so I don't have long to wait for answers. 

Sorry for going on about me but what I'm trying to say is you need to push your gp for a gyno referral. Don't want to worry you as I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but atleast it will put your mind at ease. Xx