Referred for Colposcopy, combination of low and high grade cell changes

Hi everyone, 

I don't even know what my question is really because I've read through all your posts and experiences and so I think you've answered a lot of my questions (at least the ones that can be answered right now.) I got the results from my first abnormal smear on saturday and they came back HPV positive and 'high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis' and I haven't been able to think about anything else since. 

I spoke with my nurse who despite being very nice did nothing to reassure me as she said my results showed a combination of low grade and high grade changes, and that she couldn't comment further because she had never seen anything like that before. Needless to say that has only served to further freak me out. 

I am 31 and have no children, and the idea that a) I might have cancer and b) that I might have missed my opportunity to be a parent is upsetting me so much. I havn't slept at all since the letter arrived.

How do you deal with the waiting? I am very close to raiding my savings to go to a private clinic just to get answers. 

Hey I'm in the same boat. I've got CIN 3 high grade changes and a lletz booked in a few weeks but all I can say is try not to worry. It's a good thing that they've found the cells now before they can delvop into anything. HPV is really common and abnormal cells may never even develop into cancer/it can take years and years. Smear tests are designed to prevent this happening so you did the right thing by going. You should get a letter about some sort of follow up soon, I had to wait about a month after my smear to hear anything. I know it's hard but you aren't alone x

Thanks so much for replying. It helps to just hear other people have been through this. I've got an appointment through for next week at the hospital, but it's awful thinking that it could take another 6 weeks to get a biopsy result. Hope everything goes well for you xx