Red flag referal 18 weeks

Hi this is my 1st time posting i was told 4 weeks ago that my smear had significant cell changes and needed a coloscopy and would be seen within 2 weeks, obviously i am terrifed and i rang the hospital to be told i had an 18 week wait until i could be given an appointment (belfast) if this normal?

I’m not sure what’s normal in Belfast, but in the US I’m waiting six weeks. If you feel comfortable with your provider, call their office, and if they feel it is urgent, maybe they can fast track it somehow. While 6 weeks is certainly better than your 18, just know I’m in a similar situation, and very anxious. However, hopefully all will be well. Everyone keeps telling me most cervical cancer takes years and even decades to develop, but that isn’t always comforting when we’re waiting and running all the what ifs through our mind as we try to fall asleep. Good luck and keep us posted.

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I second that :arrow_up:apparently cervical cell changes are pretty slow growing however i do think 18weeks seems an extremely long wait, especially if they said should be within 2weeks originally.

In your smear results did you get an idea of rough grading of the changes - mild, moderate or severe? I’m in England so wait times and things i believe are a little different but 18weeks is a very long time.

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Hi guys thanks for the replies unfortunately that is the fastest way to be seen here and seems the 2 week rule is not possible any more due to the strikes :roll_eyes: also no i was given no further information other than a call to say there are significant cell changes and need i biopsy taking asap and have now been left to try carry on with this constant clould hanging over me.