worried after smear test results

Hi ladies,

I am 27 years told and mum to 2 babies under the age of 3.

All my smears up until a few weeks ago have always been fine. I had my most recent smear a few weeks ago and had the results yesterday.

High risk HPV positive with cell changes. I’ve to wait for an appointment for a colposcopy which should be within the next 8 weeks (in Scotland).

I am worried sick. I’ve never had anything like this. Is anyone else going through the same or been through something similar ?

It’s a hard life being a lady xx

Hi Megan
Glad to see you decided to post.
I’m also in scotland so will be similar I imagine.
I received my first abnormal smear result saying cell changes and hpv positive but my letter said 2 weeks for colposcopy, mine was quite urgent.
My friend got her letter which said 8 weeks, was called in and got the all clear on the day. I’ve heard of that a lot so hopefully that’s reassuring for you. And hopefully appointment will be soon.
It’s quite a scary thing when you get an abnormal smear it was my first ever one and I’m 39! Xx

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I’m in Scotland too. I can completely sympathise as I received the exact same letter in June this year.,At 42 this is my first abnormal smear and the letter is so vague, it’s terrifying. You can contact your GP to ask what grade your changes are? I suspect they are low to moderate if you have an 8 week wait for an appointment. I was told for higher grade changes you are seen within 4 weeks.
My case has ended up a bit more unusual though as following my colposcopy the biopsy came back with CGIN glandular changes rather than the CIN changes they were expecting. I’m going in for a procedure on Monday to take a larger biopsy and treat the abnormal cells.

I know it’s easier said than done because I have been so anxious about this but cell changes are so common and the good news is it’s been picked up and it’s going to be treated. x

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Hi Lynnie,
I was the same is was CGIN I had, had a lletz but no clear margins so I am now 5 weeks post hysterectomy. Had a brilliant forwards thinking consultant who reacted fast and said it was the best.
CGIN is hard to monitor and detect, there is some good info on the site regarding it x


27 years old here too and I’ve just had my second colposcopy. I remember how scary it was waiting for the first and I totally understand how you will be feeling. Firstly, take some reassurance from the fact that they aren’t rushing you in in a hurry! My first colposcopy I was brought in pretty quickly, but that was before covid. They told me there is currently quite a large backlog at the moment.

The idea of the colposcopy filled me with dread, but it really isn’t bad at all. It is much more comfortable than a smear as the chair is set up just for this procedure and can be adjusted to fit you and the colposcopist. Very unlike the table at the GP that has to make do for everyone and everything!

The colposcopist will be able to tell you in-depth about what came back from the smear and they will also be able to give you a visual report about what they see during the colposcopy. I was reassured to hear that the smear was only mildly abnormal and she couldn’t see very much on my cervix to worry about at all. My biopsy results confirmed that after 7 weeks.

Please do not fear a biopsy if required, I really did not feel a thing. The colposcopists are so skilled at what they do and now I actually prefer the colposcopy to the smears.

Good luck and please don’t lose too much sleep worrying! You will be in good hands and will probably leave more reassured than when you arrived.

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Hi Kimmy,
How are you feeling after your hysterectomy? I suspect my consultant is already thinking along these lines as he asked me how open I would be to a hysterectomy and also mentioned it’s better this is happening in your forties rather than your twenties. I’m assuming he’s referring to my fertility and the fact I have completed my family. How long did you wait for a hysterectomy? Sorry for all the questions.
Whereabouts in Scotland are you? I live in Coatbridge. x

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Hi Lynnie

I’m doing good thanks, that’s me 5 weeks post op.

Pretty much when I went in to see my consultant one of the first things she asked was if I had children and confirmed my age. I do think that with CGIN they can make quite radical decisions bearing in mind it’s difficult to detect and to monitor. I think the worry is always that more could be further into the canal and lay undetected. I was offered further lletz etc but she said it’s quite stressful to live with, the 6 month checks and the not knowing so although very daunting it made sense to me to opt for that route.

Once I decided that’s what I was doing, I got a phone call 2 weeks later and the appointment was for 3 weeks time so 5 weeks in total and I was in.

I’m up in Aberdeen and I have to say I was so pleased with how it’s all been dealt with. It was a scary time and recovery had some small issues but overall it was so much better than I envisaged it would be.

And please if you have any questions I am happy to answer them x


Thanks for the reply ladies. I phoned the Gp this morning for some more information. She said the smear showed i had severe dyskaryosis. Im getting married on Friday and im just worried sick about it.
The postman could have waited a week or two lol.

You don’t even think of these things or know any of this stuff before it happens to you. People tell you not to worry but it’s not as easy as that.

I hope we all get good results and everything we need resolved. I will keep you guys updated for anyone else in the same position needing some reassurance or answers x x

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I’m in hospital now waiting for my hystercoscopy. I’m so nervous, my first ever general so scared of the procedure but also what else they will find. I went for a routine smear in may and never dreamed this would be happening.


Aww Lynnie sending you all the luck and love in the world for today. Hopefully when you wake up they have good news for you and you will feel so much better and more reassured. You will be well looked after. Let us know how you get on xx


Aww don’t be scared it will be ok. When I got my op I had never been in hospital, never had a surgery and never had general anaesthetic - I have proper health anxiety and I was fine!

I know what you mean about the routine smear, it all comes as such a shock.

Let us know how you get on, thinking of you xx


Hi all,
So sorry to hear about your situation which is similar to mine. But we are fighters and we will come back even stronger!
I had some unusual bleeding during sexual intercourse and decided a few days later I should go and see my GP. But it took roughly 2 weeks before I could get an appointment, I was quite worried as I bleed :drop_of_blood: extremely heavy with clots. (Sorry to be so explicit) I was very scared I thought half my inside was coming out, my poor husband was in shock as we only saw the massacre at the end when we turned the light on.
I got a telephone appointment with the practice nurse who said I will send you for an ultra sound scan, before I saw the GP and she will refer me to the gynaecologist team. So I waited until my GP appointment who then suggested I have a smear as I had past my due date of having a smear (18months overdue) as we do put our health last.
I then had to go back to the Surgery to have the smear test as the GP don’t do it has to be carried out by the practice nurse. So another wait for my appointment. I had it 2 weeks later then I was told at least 4-6 weeks for results.
I was still petrified regarding the bleeding and abstained from sexual intercourse.
I got the results 2 weeks later stating high dysakorasis and high risk HPV, and a colposcopy was being booked for 2 weeks time. I began to feel extremely anxious and I decided to research on this result which made things worse.
I phone the hospital twice to see if I could come earlier if they had any cancellations as I was so anxious. However, luck was not on my side so until the day of my colposcopy I could not sleep. I went in for my colposcopy and during the procedure the colposcopist was explaining to me what she was seeing and there and then she told me I have abnormal cells CIN3 and I would need a LLETZ procedure, she also took a biopsy. I received a letter stating severe dyskarosis/invasive carcinoma and high risk HPV. I am awaiting this LLETZ procedure on 14/08/21 so my appointment date is approaching which I’m having under GA as she recommended as I was quite uncomfortable during the colposcopy.
I am so worried.
Thanks for all your support x

Hi Megan

I am in the same position. I received a letter in December 2020 after two smear tests telling me that I have high risk HPV with cell changes. I was told by NHS Scotland that I would be seen within 8 weeks. Unfortunately I’m only having my first colposcopy next week due to the waiting list. If you ring the hospital they might be able to alleviate your concerns. The backlog is ridiculous. But I was also told by my doctor that 8 weeks means that it is not severe and that the cells would not change drastically. Sending best wishes your way.

Rebecca x

Good luck for tomorrow Shasha! I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight, if not hopefully you’ll be able to leave your appointment tomorrow reassured that you are in good hands xx

Thanks Hans
Fingers cross all will be well!
Good night

Thought i would post an update for anyone else in my position.

So my smear showed HPV and severe dyskaryosis. I had my colposcopy today and she said I had an abnormal area on my cervix but didn’t think it was cancer. I had Lletz treatment there and then to remove the cells. Now it’s just a wait for biopsy results. The dr is hopefully they will be fine and it will just be a 6 month check up and smear.

I’m sooooo glad that’s over. I’ve been a mess all week worrying about it. I hope this maybe brings someone else some reassurance. It absolutely sucked going through the treatment and i won’t lie it’s uncomfortable but my god it’s worth it xx

Well done for getting through it Megan! I’m sure you’re relieved that the cells have been removed now. Fingers crossed for a nice easy recovery for you xx


Biopsy results back - CIN2 with no other abnormalities. Back to the GP in 6 months for a follow up smear.
I feel so relieved. I’ve never had any health scares yet this knocked me. It’s such a worrying time but we can all get through this. I hope this gives others a bit of reassurance and i’m still here if anyone has any questions etc xxxx