Cervical test results

Hi, I am new here. Not sure if I am doing this correctly.
I have recently had my smear results and tested high risk hpv and cell changes, therefore I am being referred for a colposcopy. I have been told the wait time is around 20 weeks for this appointment which concerns me.
I would just like to know if that is too long, should I go private for the test. And also I would like to connect with women who have had the same experience for advice and reassurance.
Thank you Julie

Hi there

You don’t say where you are based but in the UK I’m pretty sure any suspected or risk of cancer is supposed to result in you being seen by a specialist within 62 days. Obviously 20 weeks is far too long and not within this timescale.
I really would speak to your GP and ask for a referral straight away.
If your cell changes are a result of early cancer it’s imperative this is identified straight away.

Hi, sorry I’m in Glasgow.
I managed to speak to my gp today and she said the changes were mild. I also got a letter today to say its up to 30 week wait.
I was considering going private but my gp didn’t think that was necessary considering the mild changes. I’m still undecided :confused:

Julesmch, I am also in Glasgow, and had smear on 22sep, letter on 22 oct saying high risk HPV and cell changes, letter said to expect letter for colposcopy clinic within 8 week, it arrived 2 days latter with and appt for 2 Nov. I had a lletz procedure at the appt, which I was not really prepared for to be honest, but option to not have to wait and just get it over with was kinda good. Now need to wait 4/6 weeks for results from lab looking at samples taken, then fingers crossed that will be me for 6 months till check up smear.