Recurring abnormal cells & numerous treatment

Hi, new to this and just looking for some advise and if anyone has went through something similar...

I had LLETZ treatment for abnormal cells, which were CIN3 back in 2013 when I was in my early 20's, after this I had a clear smear test and didnt require one for 5 years.

In 2019 I had abnormal cells, which were high risk HPV and CIN3 again and had LLETZ treatment to remove the area, my follow up smear from this which I didnt get till Aug 2020 due to Covid came back with abnormal cell changes, which after biopsy turned out to be CIN3 again.  This time I had cold coagulation treatment to remove the cells - I had this treatment done 11/01/2021.  My doctor advised this would be the safest option as he did'nt want to use the LLETZ treament again since I have had this twice already.

I am begining to get worried now, as this is the 3rd time the cells have returned and I have needed treatment.  I don't have any children yet and am fearful this will affect my chance of having children.  I have since came off my contraceptive pill in October when I recevied my biopsy results that further treatment would be required.

I am looking to find if anyone else has had recurring cells, and numerous treatments?  If so, how many times can you have treatment for abnormal cells and if there are any next steps?  I am worried I am running out of time to have children, trying not to over think about it and hoping to find someone on here who has had similiar experience...

thanks x 

I am so sorry to hear that the cells keep coming back. I can't help with any answers tk that I'm sorry. I too had LLETZ for CIN3 last February. I have had my follow up smear to find still hpv positive. Then colposcopy on wednesday where was told that 98.9% of my cervix looked normal still have an ectropion so think that is a small number of cell change but not enough for treatment. Now I am worried about them discharging me and having to wait 3 year for my next smear. Had to have my cervix cortorized where my ectropion is due to bleeding after intercourse and when straining on the toilet. Did you say your smear came back no hpv and no cell change in between all of this. Also do you smoke? I too worry about being able to have children I have 1 daughter and hate the thought of not being able to give her a sibling as I am 26. Just know you are not alone through this. Many going through what you are going through have these thoughts. Have you spoke to your Dr about this maybe they are the best to give you answers you are looking for. ❤️

Hi, I too had treatment for cin3 in 2014. Smear 6 months later normal, 3 years later normal, now another 3 years later I've got borderline changes and hpv I guess I didn't consider them coming back... I quit smoking in august hoping that will help, I doubt they will do anything for mine but maybe with my history I dont know but as you said how many times will they do this loop procedure... I believe they will do what they can to save your fertility, sorry I cannot be of anymore help, thinking much the same as you are xxx