Recurrent abnormal cells/HPV since 25yo


I’m new to this forum and was looking for a bit of advice please. I’ve never had a normal smear test result, and for the past 5 years have had to have a colposcopy at least once a year - sometimes twice a year - alongside either LLETZ treatment and/or biopsies I am also HPV positive. I’m 29 now, and last year I had another colposcopy/biopsy where I had CIN1 and then the following month colposcopy/LLETZ and advised the area appeared fully excised. I’ve just had my follow up smear, and have been told I have CIN3. I’m so sick of constantly having abnormal results, and don’t understand how it has gone from CIN1, thought to be fully excised, to CIN3 in 6 months. Has anyone else had issues like this? I’m waiting for my colposcopy appointment to arrive now, but am worried that the next suggested treatment is going to be more extreme. I don’t have children yet and haven’t decided if I want them. My sister had to have a hysterectomy at 35 for a very similar issue with CGIN although her problems did not begin until she was in her 30s. 

Similar situation. I’ve had recurrent abnormal smears/HPV for the last 5 years, just had my first LLETZ about 2 weeks ago (6the June), awaiting results.

Still not fully clear what’s going on down there, the nurse is quite vague, possibly so I don’t worry and google stuff! 

Next opportunity I’m going to ask for my full history of what’s been happening.