4th abnormal smear test

Hi I'm 32 & have had 3 abnormal smears (cin 3) and 3 lletz treatments. After my last lletz treatment I had a follow up smear after 6 months which was normal and a negative hpv test result so they put me back onto 3 yearly smears. I've just had the results of my first smear test after those 3 years and it's again abnormal (borderline) but with a positive for high risk hpv infection. I have to go for yet another colposcopy but I have hardly any cervix left after my last 3 treatments. I am terrified. Why does it keep returning and could this now be more serious as it's the 4th time in the last 12 years? I feel like I can't keep going through this worry as now I have this hpv too. 

Sorry you're going through this :( has a hysterectomy been suggested? The chances are you will have had HPV a while and that is what is causing the recurring cin. A good immune system and no smoking is SUPPOSED to help but i'm no doctor :) good luck xxxx