Persistant abnormalities

Hey ladies,

In early 2012 I had a Lletz very shortly followed by a cone biopsy for CIN2 and HG CGIN.  3 and half years later I'm getting clear smears (happy about that) but still getting low grade abnormalities (CIN1) in the biopsies or visable abnormal areas during colposcopy.  As I'm high-risk HPV negative, they don't seem too concerned and have just dropped my check-ups to once a year (the theory is a low grade low risk HPV infection).  However, it still makes me nervous that it is clinging on.  Have worries in the back of my mind there is lingering hidden CGIN or I should have had an endometrial biopsy to rule out problems there.

Argh, has this happened to anyone else??  Did it settle down eventually?


Hi. I also have persistent issues. I had an abnormal smear in early 2012 however before I got this result I was pregnant. Approx 9 months after my daughter was born I had a further abnormal smear. In November 2013 I had a LLETZ treatment removing CIN3 cells with clear margins. My next smear was abnormal and in sept 2013 I had CIN1 cells removed with clear margins. My 3rd consecutive smear was recently confirmed as abnormal and I had an area of cells removed by LLETZ earlier this week. On this occasion the consultant indicated that the repeated consecutive abnormality is a cause for concern. I have a follow up appointment in 4 weeks to discuss the pathology of this final excission. The consultant has indicated that there is a high possibility a full hysterectomy will be the next step on my journey. 

I'm ok with this as I am 40 and not planning any more children. In fact some kind of conclusion will be a relief because the consistent risk and treatments are stressful.

I don't know anyone who has had this type of health issue and have no idea how common my experience is. It would be helpful to get some insight into this from people who have been through this.

I hope your issues settle down as i know how stressful this underlying risk is. 



Feb 2012 - abnormal smear

Sep 2013 - abnormal smear

Nov 2013 - LLETZ removing CIN3 1.5cm by 1.2cm with clear margins

June 2014 - abnormal smear 

Sep 2014 - LLETZ removing CIN1 size unknown with clear margins

May 2015 - abnormal smear

Aug 2015 - LLETZ removing suspect CIN1 1cm by 1cm pathology tbc


Persistent abnormalites are difficult to deal with and I think the fact there's so little info and so few of us that can make it feel isolating as well as scary. 

My first abnormal smear was in 2009 and I've never had a normal smear since even though I've treatment twice. At my last colposcopy the doctor spoke about hysterectomy but for as long as results stay CIN 1 then I'm trying to avoid this, especially I was told by a doctor a couple of years ago that it isn't a 'cure'. I'm HR-HPV postive and my body isn't clearing the virus in spite of all my efforts. I cope with it a lot better now but I'd be lying if I said the uncertainty doesn't sometimes bother me. 

I feel for anyone else going through this and I'm sorry I don't have any answers.

There are a couple of ladies for had abnormalities for a few years and then suddenly they were ok, understandably they are busy getting with their lives so don't really come on here any longer. 

Take care x

Thanks for the replies ladies. 

They haven't mentioned hysterectomy to me yet, probably because I haven't had children.  I think while I'm HPV neg and CIN1 I will put that idea out of my mind for now.

Its odd my smears are negative but the biopsies are not, I guess the abnormal areas are still very small and not getting picked up.  If I wasnt still going in for colposcopies I wouldn't be aware at all.

Fingers crossed for you both.