Recurrent HPV and abnormal cells, treatment options.

in the last 6 years I've had one lot of cin2 removed and two lots of cin3 removed all by LLETZ. My immune system isn't clearing HPV as it's present at every smear, biopsy and 6month follow up I have. 

Follow up letter arrived today after removal of cin3 6 months ago, cin1 is present and HPV again. I have another colposcopy and biopsies booked in but the letter asks to discuss my "treatment options". I know I have insufficient cervix left for more LLETZ and hysterectomy has been mentioned but wondering if anyone has been in similar circumstances and what treatment you were advised or took. X

It sounds like we are on a similar path. I have severe dyskaryosis on smear and colposcopy & LLETZ procedure in March 2017 - which confirmed CIN 3. The 6 month follow up smear still showed severe dyskaryosis so had a repeat colposcopy and LLETZ in December 2017 - subsequent result showed CIN 2 & 3 (unfortunately the margins weren’t clear though) During this appointment we discussed what would happen next if abnormal cells persisted and we discussed hysterectomy as would not be able too perform anymore LLETZ because of how much cervix has already been removed. I‘ve got to have another smear in 6 months - which will be done at the colposcopy clinic as they are anticipating it will be difficult to get an adequate sample. 

I‘ve discussed with husband & family about possibility of hysterectomy and if there were abnormal cells again I would definitely opt for this treatment.