And so my waiting game continues... last week I had my first 3 month check up following radical hysterectomy. My Consultant answered all my questions in detail before examining me. He described the process and how he wouldn’t do biopsies or scans unless concerns were raised. On first inspection, he examined the area, where my cervix once was, and seemed happy. However when he physically checked by touch he immediately looked concerned. He reinserted the speculum and ended up taking a biopsy of some tissue he was clearly concerned about. He later explained that it may be granulated tissue but it’s left me feeling confused, anxious, very emotional And fearing recurrenc!!

I’m generally so positive, but this process and the agonising waiting between appointments and results is testing my limits!! 

Any help, similar experiences, or any advice would be gratefully received. 

Thank you x

Great you have someone observant! Sounds like you are in great hands.

It probably is granulation tissue. It would be logical.  It doesn't sound like you had radiotherapy so if the worst comes to the worst I expect that's still on the table. What stage were you?

Try not to worry, the waiting game is horrible I know. Soon be over!

Karen x 


Hi Karen, thank you so much for replying. I was diagnosed with early stage 1b1 cancer in Jan; had a radical hysterectomy in Feb and no lymph node involvement. My tumour was 3.5cm but cocontained within my cervix. luckily I didnt need any further treatment.

Im trying to stay positive and hope it’s granulated tissue But the snsneaky negative thoughts keep popping up!  

Thank you for your time xx

Did you get the results of the biopsy Claire?

Hi Karen, I’m so sorry I missed your follow up question. Thank you for thinking of me! Luckily, all clear- granulation tissue as suspected! Phew!! I’ve got my second check up tomorrow and the anxiety has kicked in! It’s such a rollercoaste, hey! I hope you journey is continuing to be positive. Xx