Scarring tissue after hysterectomy


I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in October 2016 and had a full hysterectomy in November 2016.  I had check ups in December 2016 and March 2017 and all were fine.  I went for a check up this week for a vault smear and was told that my scarring did not look right and that they are worried.  I now need to go and have a colposcopy next week.  Am very anxious as I thought I would not need these any more, has anyone else had the same happen to them?




sorry to hear this, hopefully they are just being overly cautious. I havent experienced the same thing but just wanted to offer my support. Waiting is so hard. Sending hugs x 


Thank your kind reply.  I get so nervous and make myself feel sick, but as you say, I am sure they are just being cautious.   I see your results were all clear in December, fabulous news.  x

Thank you. I am just waiting for my 6 months MRI results at the moment. Being pretty paranoid as starting having new pains recently but I am trying hard to just keep living life as normal and really hope that this is just a blip and I will be healthy from now on but who knows!

When I went for my 3 month check some tissue came out when they took the vault smear thing which they sent off too but it turned to be granulation. Really hope that your results are all ok. I know it is so hard not to worry! People think the hard part is over after surgery but really it only starts to sink in and then you are back for all the check ups. Let me know how you get on. Did they say how you had to wait?X

I am going hospital on weds pm as they want to take a biopsy I'm hoping it's over healing and granulation but my hospital aren't very helpful sometimes xx I am sure your scan results will be fine let me know xx

i was told by my surgeon that I wouldn't have to have any more smears and I was so relieved but naive to believe him lol xx 


Aw yeah tell me about it, I even find my gynae oncologist a bit unhelpful when it comes to answering my concerns. The trick I have found is her secretary, she is nice and although she can't offer medical advice she has been quite good. 

Oh why did your surgeon say that? I thought we had to get vault smears? 

I am hoping they are going to have my results by Wednesday as I think i just missed the last MDT meeting as my app was on Tuesday pm. 

Sending hugs for Wednesday. i hope they can offer some more information x 

I have no idea why he told me that, I am sure all will go well on Wednesday, thank you.  I hope you get your results too.

Feeling more positive today. xx

Have a good day x


That's good :)

Let's hope we don't have to wait too long. x


Any news on your results? x  I went to the hospital yesterday and they did not carry out the biopsy.  I definitely have granulation tissue and its quite a large area so I am having to wait for another appointment to go in and have it dealt with under general anaesthetic as they did not want to do it yesterday.  All good.

Have a good day xx


I actually went to my gp as I had some dark discharge last week and was worried. She called the gyno at hopistal and they took me up to do an examination there too. When I was there they told me my MRI was fine. I obviously didn;t know this when I made my app at the gp so in a way that helped a lot. They think it is just to do with the mini pill like a break through bleed, I did explain I had never had that before but they said it could be becuse my body is healthier now. 

Why did they not carry out the biopsy? Aw that is shame you face a further wait! Sorry to hear that! Did they give any indication as to when they may see you again? Did they confirm it is granulation or is that why they want to do it under GA?xx


Glad to hear your MRI was fine.  The doctor comnfirmed it was just granulation and didn't feel a biopsy was necessary.  It is a large area and they have to quaterise it, she felt it would be better if I had a general anaesthic so I am just waiting for a date to go in and have it done. XX

Aw I hope you don't have to wait too long for your app! Good to know it is just granulation! xx