Information/reassurance/advice please

I am just coming up to 2 years since diagnosis. I had chemoradiation therapy and my results and MRI results have been good up until now. Had MRI in October as I had some pain that only lasted for a week to 10 days. That was clear, had a follow up MRI beginning of feb which they saw something on my cervix so requested a pet/Ct. had the results yesterday and the cervix was fine they just think it is scar tissue, however, one of my pelvis lymph nodes has lit up. My scans have been sent for a second opinion as it did ‘glow’ just lit up slightly. Although consultant started to mention some kind of targeted radiotherapy so I’m sure they think it has returned. Do I need to be worried. I just feel like it’s coming back and I’ll never be free. I have an 11 year old daughter who I would like to be there for when she grows up. I feel angry lost and defeated. Sorry for the rant just trying to let off steam. My partner thinks I shouldn’t worry because he’s sure they will be able to treat it and I should have a few more years left. But I can’t help worrying.

Hi bonogm

well I suppose you can speculate but in all honesty you cannot know for certain until they actually tell you it has indeed come back.

The good news is your cervix looks good. Try to stay positive and believe in the best of things. There could be other reasons why that lymphnode has lit up a bit.

It would be crazy to say don't worry as that is impossible but stay busy and try as much as you can to not get too worked up just yet. 

I'm sending you positive vibes. Do let us know what happens and stick around for support regardless of the next step. 

Thank lolli888


i just need a bit of reassurance really.

i feel fine but I felt fine before I was diagnosed I had no symptoms until they did the colposcop. Turned out I was a 3b2.

at least this time it's just one lymph node so hopefully that will be easier to tackle.  Got up this morning and done nothing but sneeze. Let's just hope its infection eh?  Again thanks for replying


Hi sweetheart :-)

I am sorry you are having to cope with this scare, it's exactly what we all dread. But as far as I can tell even if treatment doesn't completely finish this off first time around, it does seem that these days it gets it second time around and no messing. Sending you hugs and positive vibes. If it's just one lymph node it shouldn't be that difficult to get shot of it altogether surely?


Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tivoli

I'm just waiting for the second opinion at the moment - will take about three weeks.  Apprently where the lymph node is it would be difficult to remove or even biopsy as it is with the scar tissue.  My conslutant said it would be like going through concrete.  I'm feeling more positive today - like you say its just on lymph noe.  Last time there were two along with a large tumor.

Its not over yet and I will be fighting the bugger.  I will update once I know more.


Thanks for the positive vibes much appreciated.




Been back to the hospital this week. It has been a long wait for the second opinion. Need to have mri and pet/ct again. Apparently the second opinion says that as there were changes to my cervix area it could be the cancer back and growing - apparently cancer can change and decide not to light up on pet/ct ( a new one on me). They also need to make sure that only one lymph node lights up. Back to waiting for scan appointments again. The thing is I feel fit and well. Has anyone had a false positive lymph node?????

Hi bonogm

what a Horrible mess of waiting and waiting. You do sound like you are staying strong through all of this and I hope that you can keep your chin up. I have no words of advice but wanted to send positive vibes. 

Big big hugs