recovery from lletz

Hi ladies


This is my first time on a forum so not fully sure if i am posting in the right place? so a brief bio -

I'm 25 yrs old married, mother of 3 daughters, the youngest is 14 months, the eldest is 5, my middle daughter is 3. I had my lletz treatment 2 weeks ago (monday) for cin3 after receiving abnormal results on my first smear. The doctor said my biopsy results from the colposcopy clinic - l have/had a 1 in 3 chance of having cervical cancer in the next 3 years. So a bit of a slap in face for me, everything I had read reassured me I had 10 to 15 years before the possibility of cancer rearing its ugly head) BUT he also said I have a 98% chance that I'm fixed now I've had lletz. anyhoooo the healing process...

 Since the treatment i have been bloated, very tearful and angry. Its almost like im depressed. I have an extensive history of depression but this feels different and prior to my smear results and colposcopy I had never felt better, things were finally looking up for me and my family. Has anyone else still felt this emotionally crap 2 weeks later? (I have read many ladies worries 1 week post lletz on this site but not 2 weeks post treatment. The physical symptoms like the blood loss is fine, its the emotional side effects - is this normal?? 

Has any1 else been through something similar post lletz? Xxx

The bloating should have gone down by now shouldn't it? Mmm maybe ive indulged a bit too much.

Matey, I'm sad to hear ur not doing great. I did not feel like u at all I must admit so feel for u. After the bombshell dr has put on you, it does sound as if u may be a bit depressed and really think u ought to make a GP appointment tomorrow. You need to talk through everything with someone who can answer your questions about the future. Worry will cause you to over indulge and not feel ur usual self physically.

good luck xxx dons

I had my loop yesterday and felt very teary indeed, i wanted to cry all day

I have felt better today so i doubt that i am going through the same thing

Perhaps speak to your GP and see what help/support they can offer you?

I have people around me going through a lot worse so perhaps my reaction naturally is to contain my emotions to protect theirs....

Who knows...


Hope you feel better soon - its a tough time xx