Recent biopsy results-worried (ref pg)


I have never posted before and am very nervous about doing so but am looking for some reassurance and guidance from others who have been in a similar situation. 

I am 5.5 months post partum and have a beautiful little boy. At my 8 week pp checkup I received my first Pap smear at 22 years old. I tried to get a Pap smear at 18 and again at 21 but was refused because they said I was too young. I received a call 3 weeks later with a referral to a gynocologist due to ”mildly abnormal cells”. 

I went for a colposcopy and had a biopsy taken and was told it would be 6 weeks before I received results. 10 days later I got a call about needing to go in to discuss my results. 

Two days before my 23rd birthday I was told I have CIN2. I was given an option to do cryotherapy (I think that’s what it’s called?) or cone biopsy. The doctor said that he was giving me the option because the cone biopsy could result in miscarriages for future pregnancies and because I am so young he didn’t want to affect my ability to grow my family. 

I Have opted to do the cone biopsy. I want to nip this in the butt before it turns into more. I need to be healthy for my little man. 

My doctor was very nice but he was not very informative. He kind of rushed through everything and made it seem like this was not a big deal at all. He offered me the chance to ask questions but at that moment I didn’t have any. 

He said this was caused by HPV but didnt say whether I still had it. What does this mean for my partner? Or my baby? i wash my hands 100 times a day now and feel like I need to disinfect everything i Touch before my son comes in contact with it. Is this something I should be doing? Is it possible to pass HPV onto him by giving him kisses or by changing his diaper? I hope I am just being unreasonably cautious but I am worried sick. Thinking about me passing this onto him gives me this horrible feeling in my belly. 

After the cone biopsy I have read that they will test the cells again. Is it possible the biopsy will show cancerous cells even though currenty it is CIN 2? 

I apologize for the following as it is definitely TMI.. 

since giving birth I have had bleeding and mucous with bowel movements along with severe pain. Pretty much every time. And there is significant bleeding. 

At my colposcopy appointment the doctor asked about bleeding or pain with BM and I didn’t really say anything. I said sometimes and he said ”if it gets worse we need to know”.  I didn’t really think much of it. I have been assuming it is hemorroids from child birth. After receiving my CIN2 results though, I am wondering and worried it is connected.. I am calling the doctor tomorrow but am getting really worried I should have said something sooner.. is this even possible? am I worrying for nothing? 

I know no one can give me medical advice and I am not looking for that. But if anyone has a similar experience I would love to hear it if you are willing to share.. 

i am just so scared. thank you for taking the time to read this And again, I apologize for the TMI.