So confused and worried

Please bare with me this is my first post and it might be long.

I'm 25, I have a 5 year old and a 3 month old and had my first smear once my baby turned 12 weeks. My family history - my mum had abnormal cells from 14 resulting in a hysterectomy at 29, her mum (my nanna) had either cervical or womb cancer and had a hysterectomy at 24, and her mum also had cancer and a hysterectomy. About 3 years ago I was bleeding after sex, My Dr did a smear however it wasn't tested due to my age, They arranged a colcoscopy instead which showed cervical erosion. Anyway I had my smear about 3 weeks ago and it came back with abnormal cells (Didn't say what cin) I went for my colcoscopy Tuesday the doctor said it had showed something which I can only think was cgin (he said they were querying this and that it was rare because the cells are far up and aren't usually shown on a smear) he wanted to do a small biopsy due to my age, however when he went in he said he was changing his mind due to 90% of what he could see being covered in abnormal cells (which he also said for my age isn't common which panicked me!!) So instead I'm being booked in for GA and a biopsy done then. He said he would struggle to stop the bleeding whereas under GA they can deal with it. I'm not sure he mentioned lletz or anything either just a biopsy. I don't really know what's going on or what to expect. 

I'm absolutely pooing it. I'm so scared of what they have seen.  The doctor seemed so blunt and abrupt. It doesn't help I work in a hospice and I just keep picturing myself dying. I hate the wait, I suffer awful anxiety as it is. Can I have some positive stories please I'm so so scared I won't see my boys grow up. 

Hello, it sounds as if they will be doing a cone biopsy on you, it's when they need to see a little further into the cervical canal as the abnormal cells are further up. They can then deal with them all in one go and you'll be asleep for the whole thing.


i did a lot of reading as I went for my first colposcopy yesterday, and had biopsys taken (Which is much rather have been asleep for)

I really wouldn't worry yourself too much, sounds like they are taking good care of you.  I know my saying don't worry won't make you feel any better, but if your being sent for a cone biopsy, then to me, that would be a good indication that they didn't see anything serious, just that the cells are further up so the biopsy would be more evasive, rather than just round the cervix Where they could do it without a GA. from what I've read, they take a cone shaped piece of tissue away, hence the name "cone biopsy"

Try to keep a positive mind, and read up on cone biopsy's, it might settle your mind and put you at ease with the whole experience. I was in total panic mode before yesterday, but just so glad I went for my smear And went yesterday.

im sure you'll be totally fine. Keep us posted on how you get on xx vicky xx