Recall 1 year after abnormal smear and Hpv+


this is just a quick question regarding the recall time for my next smear....

in dec 2010 my smear came back CIN3, a colposcopy showed evidence of micro invasive cancer and so in January 2011 I had a cone biopsy. The cone biopsy results came back with clear margins so I was put onto 6 monthly smears, all have come back clear until last year which showed borderline changes but with the HPV test negative. I was then put on to yearly smears, my recent one a few weeks ago has just come back as CIN1 but also with HPV positive (says in the letter high risk). I would expect after that result, especially with my history, to be called in for a colposcopy or at least a smear in 6 months but instead I've been called in again in a year! I'm not sure I can wait a year... I'm going to call the hospital tomorrow to question this but I would really like to hear all your thoughts first? I'm so confused? 

If the hospital refuse another smear before a year, do you think I should get a private one in 6 months? 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts



Hi there,

I personally would be uncomfortable having to wait a year. I had a LLETZ back in December 2003 for CIN III which was successfully removed. All smears since then were negative up until my recent one last month which came back as Mild Dyskaryisis. I've been asked to have another smear in 6 months. It will always be in the back of my mind for the next 6 months so if I had to wait a full year like you've been asked to, I would beg for a smear sooner e.g. in 6 months.

I think it's a good idea to call the hospital and question the fact you've been asked to come back in a year. If they can give you some reassurance that waiting a year is the right thing to do and you feel comfortable with that, then wait the year. If however your mind hasn't been put at ease and they won't let you have a smear in 6 months then personally, I'd be going for a private smear. 

I can totally appreciate how you are feeling right now and am sending you positive thoughts. Please do let us know how you get on.

Much love & peace x


Hello Veg,

I saw your post and wondered if you'd got in touch with your doctor? From what I understand it's pretty usual to leave ladies with CIN 1 and high risk HPV for a year. Like you, I'm not comfortable with this either, I've got to wait a year for a repeat colposcpy after failing treatment for the second time. The NHS won't test me sooner so I'm planning to have a private smear in the new year. 

Take care.