Follow up smear after CIN1 colposcopy/ biopsy

Hi everyone I could do with some advice

I had my first smear in 2019 where they said I had HPV so to go back in another year for a smear.

Feb 2020 the smear came back showing abnormal cells and I was referred for a colposcopy. Had my colposcopy in June and they did a biopsy which confirmed CIN1 (mild dyskariosis).

I've been advised to have another smear test in 12 months time to see if they have gone away on their own however I don't want to have to wait for 12 months with this constant worry. I am wondering if I can ring my doctors for a follow up after 6 months has passed.

What experiences have other people had with follow up smears after CIN1?

Is it reasonable to ask for a follow up after 6 months instead?


Thanks in advance! X

I've got one booked for 16th November so we'll see how that goes I guess! X

Hi ? I had CIN2 and decided not to have LLETZ, I waited 6 months to see if it went away by itself. At my 6 month check it came back as borderline so went for a check in a year. Sadly a year later it was CIN3 and had to have LLETZ. CIN1 has a high chance of going by itself so think waiting a year would have been fine.