Really stressed

Hi, im a 38 yr old single mum; My last 2 pap smears have been abnormal so I had a coloposcopy biopsys were taken its been 4 weeks now and no reults. Ive just relocated and have no motivation as im freaking out on the results is it normal to wait so long? And has anyone else had a intense constant  pain below the stomach kinda like a stitch? The pain ive felt i had way before the coloposcopy. Any advice welcomed Thankyou

Hi Zena

Hope you are feeling better. 

I had a colposcopy and biopsy on the 8th March however the hospital booked me in for a phone appointment on the 27th with the results, not sure why! 

I would ring the clinic and chase them up, explain your anxieties and ask them if they have any clue when they will be ready. Failing that try ringing tour GP to see if they have heard anything.

Try not to worry, no news is usually good news! 

Keep us updated x