Nervous about results

Hi everyone I'm new to this and just wondered if anyone could help. I had my colposcopy 2 weeks ago today and I'm still awaiting my results. 

I have been to the doctors as I am still getting lower abdominal pain and back pain but they told me there's nothing wrong 

Has anyone else had these problems as I'm unsure what to do? 

Thanks nicola 



June 2015 smear test 

July 2015 high grade dyskaryosis 

August 2015 colposcopy and biopsy 

Sept 2015- awaiting results 

Hi Nicola

I also had pain beyond the time I expected to, I think because my job forced me to be much more active than I should have been, I found that it took 3 - 4 weeks for that side of things to normalise.  There probably is variation from person to person depending on lifestyle & overall health, if you also start noticing a really bad smell, excessively heavy bleeding or feeling sick & feverish it could be a sign of an infection so I would contact your GP again if any of these things happen.  I hope you feel better soon *hug*.

Hi elioraarin, thanks for replying.

I did go to my gp and they said there was no infection I am going back on Sunday as I still don't feel no better.

Hopefully I will get some answers as I just feel like they haven't got time for me.