Feeling so nervous!

Hi all

I recieved the results of my smear test on Wed and my results were I have HPV and I have high grade dskcaryosis. Had a phone call to say my appointment for my coloscopy next Friday and to say im nervous is an understatement. Spent mosy of yesturday and today crying!

Ive not really had any symptoms no unusual bleeding but have had back pain to the right and sometimes some pelvic pain also on my right side, does anyone know if this could be linked?

im overthinking everything at the minute and thinking of the worst even know I shouldnt. 

Does anybody know how quickly you get results back because just waiting a week for my appointment is causing me stress. 

Thanks to anyone who can help xxx

hey, I hope youre doing okay! It is very stressful to revieve these results so take it easy.

They could very well do a biopsy or lletz at your colposcopy, which sound scary but they arent! So try not to worry about them. It took 6 weeks to get my lletz results back, but the general waiting time seems to be between 2-4 weeks from what ive seen on this forum. 

Im not sure if the pain youre experiencing would be related or not but it might be a good idea to let the consultant know when you go next week.  



i think the time between your smear results and the colposcopy is the worst. You will feel relieved after the colposcopy no matter the result because you will have some certainty on what you are dealing with. My experience at colposcopy was positive and pain free. 

However, I am still waiting for my biopsy results and it’s been 5 weeks. Initially it’s a tough slog but you eventually put it to the back of your mind and get on with things.

Hope everything goes well.


Hi fran I have the same results my colposcopy is Wednesday and since getting my results last Tuesday I’ve thought about nothing else my anxiety’s through the roof I suffer bad with my nerves anyway finding so hard especially being a mum to 3 young boys my youngest is only 5 months!! Ur not alone and I hope everything’s ok big hugs xx