really nervous for my appointment on Tuesday?

I have a colposcopy appointment on Tuesday and nervous if its going to hurt, will there  likely take a biopsy if it is borderline and very not likely going to turn into cancer. And I am dreading every monent. and wondering if any body could share there experince.


thank you.Smile

Hi My first colposopy was a breeze with no pain. They were originally going to do the treatment there and then but it had spread so needed under GA.
Good Luck

Hi Kisha 12345

Colposcopy...... The  nurses in my expierience were lovely and will help you as much as you need:)

Results wait is a nightmare:(( deffo the hardest bit!!

gpod luck xx


colposcopy and punch biopsies are not at all painful (just a bit undignified!). If there is anything you feel uncomfortable with just ask them to slow down, explain or stop. It's your body but they are there to look after you. xxx