Getting Nervous

Hi Ladies,

I have my colposcopy tomorrow and I don't know why but I am feeling really nervous and anxious even though this will be my third time there :-( I think it's because I don't know whether they will decide tomorrow to give me treatment as I have had CIN1 last year and again this year and my body hasn't cleared the HPV. I think it is the fear of the unknown. In some ways I would like treatment rather than being in this cycle of CIN1 and wait and see each time but in other ways I don't want it and hope that my body will clear the HPV and the cells will return to normal. For some reason I am quite emotional this time and no idea why as some of you ladies are going through far worse.

Also, last time I found the punch biopsies really painful :-( does anyone have any advice for having punch biopsies done?

Sorry for babbling but it makes me feel a bit better writing it down and reading other people's experiences.



Jan 13 - borderline with HPV

Feb 13 - colposcopy - no treatment

Feb 14 - mild dyskaryosis with HPV

Mar 14 - colposcopy - CIN1 with HPV

Feb 15 - mild dyskaryosis with HPV

17 Mar 15 - colposcopy booked

I feel your pain. The colposcopy itself was fine but I really didn't like the biopsies :( ive got cin3 and going for treatment in a few days and praying it's not like the biopsies! it wasn't so much the pain.. As I didn't find it any worse than period cramps.. im just really squeamish. its really important to try and stay positive. Im trying to see it as being one step closer to getting it all over with! Who knows you may be fine... You've done it before you can do it again. Thinking of you!

Good luck on Wednesday for your treatment - will be keeping my fingers crossed for you x

Thank you very much! Just try and see it as being one step closer to a clear smear! Good luck xx