Colposcopy tomorrow - TERRIFIED

Hi all I got a border line smear with HPV and have first Colposcopy tomorrow. I havent slept in 2 days and cant eat. I am ashamed to say I am a mess already. Will they definately take a biopsy? it didnt mention it in the leaflet. Is it possible they will just take a look or is biopsys / on the spot treatment standard?? thank you girls. 

Hi Hun I found the colposcopy examination although a little uncomfortable nothing to worry about, if they take a punch biopsy it really doesn't hurt, just a pinch and over and then a few cramps that evening , I'm sure you will be absolutely fine . Try not to worry x

So kind of you to reply to me and THANK YOU. I am such an idiot I know!! xx

You are welcome, I remember going for my first one and I got myself very nervous but the doctor I had answered all my questions and I didn't find it much worse than a smear. If they need to do further treatment they will probably give you a date to come back which will give you time to get used to what the procedure will entail but with borderline changes they may just do the pounce biopsy at most x 

Hey Worrying,

I thought I'd post as I was where you are 6 weeks ago. I was so petrified, was very worried. Nothing had been explained in full to me beforehand.

I got to the appointment and the nurse took me in a room and explained everything very clearly and calmly and she was an absolutely lovely woman.

I then met the doctor and she explained again what would happen howoever this time she mentioned she was going to give me a local anaesthetic, considering I panic with needles this did not go down well however, during the procedure she was extremely patient and the nurse was fab. They are very careful at keeping your dignity as well as explaining what's happening, and if you need to stop, just say so.

The procedure itself wasn't painful, slightly uncomfortable and I was shaking and nervous and crying cause I'm a panicker but I didn't feel the needle, or the punch, she took two biopsies, didn't feel a thing and only slightly discharge after, she had to cauterize a little biit for bleeding while she was there, . Slight period pain but nothing major.

I wouldn't say a walk in the park or easiest thing you'll ever do but the pyschological pain and worry completely outweighs the pysichal. Have a cup of tea with sugar after the anaesthetic and try to relax, they do everything poss to put your mind at ease xxxx

Hello there, I had my colp on 20th and they took 4 biopsies, I was told to cough before they took one, and I didn't feel a thing.  Perhaps you should suggest it if you have biopsies taken.  Best of luck to you.

I didn't have an anaesthetic for the punch biopsies, it doesn't hurt honestly. I had 4 injections for letz and cone biopsy but that was at a different appointment and by that time I'd prepared myself for it x