Read Letter and Very Scared

Hi everyone,

I suffer from an anxiety disorder and also a physical disability and am feeling incredibly anxious and scared after my colposcopy on Tuesday. Have tested HPV positive three years in a row so was sent for my first colposcopy.

I’ve just read this letter on my online patient record from the clinic to my GP which sounds like the result isn’t looking good. I’m really frightened of what this letter means and the potential of having to go to sleep for treatment also.

This is the text from the letter:

“**** was referred to colposcopy with three HPV positive, cytology negative cervical screening tests. **** is 29 years old and uses Microgynon for contraception. She has not had children but does suffer with heavy periods and mental health. She is a non-smoker. She does not take any regular medications.

At colposcopy examination, there were no atypical vessels seen. 5% acetic acid was applied and the squamocolumnar junction was seen on the ectocervix with a type 1 transformation zone. This was a wide transformation zone. There was grade 3 acetowhite uptake on the posterior lip with some mosaicism, this was biopsied. Colposcopy impression was of high-grade, and I will write to **** as soon as the results are available.

Myself and **** discussed the option of having any potential treatment done in day surgery as she was extremely anxious, however, **** did say she would prefer to have treatment done in clinic. I have reviewed the images of **** colposcopy, and it may be safer for any treatment to be done in day surgery due to the size of the transformation zone. If **** does need any treatment, we can discuss this with her in due course.”

Thank you so much, I would really appreciate if anyone has the time to get back to me.