Apprehensive- colposcopy

Hi all

Just wanted to pop on and say Hi.

I have been lurking and getting much needed info before my colposcopy on Wednesday. The advise on here has been amazing for me but I’m still feeling nervous.

Just a little background on me - I’m 38 and have tested positive for HPV for the last 3 years - 2 years prior had been no abnormal cells but this time with moderate.

As I say my colposcopy is booked for Wednesday and I’m a little nervous so any advise would be appreciated.

Also, if they do see anything that looks a little off are they transparent with you and tell you if they are worried about something? Just a thought as the waiting is awful as you will all know

Thanks for reading


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Had my colposcopy yesterday - the cells were all over the place so didn’t do anything there and then - 4-6 weeks to wait to have them removed under general anaesthetic ahhhh