Advice Please. Colposcopy Thursday

Hello everyone.
New here - dizzying around in a state of shock really.
Have my first Colposcopy on Thursday and suddenly realised I have no idea what to ask and given the time I’ve waited I want to be sure I make the most of the time given.
I try not to read too many posts at the moment as I’m truly terrified but I think you are all incredibly courageous and I’m so grateful for the forum. Thank you for being here to share your experiences.


I went with the approach of why am i here, what will you do. Ask them to explain whats happening during the procedure (I could watch the screen and that helped a bit). Ask what they see/find ,if you’re happy to accept good (but hopefully not hear less good).
Will they treat you immediately if they find something they can, or needs treatment.
Ask questions as many times as you need so that you understand whats being said.
Hopefully they will do all of this for you anyway!

Good luck