Back from colposcopy appointment

So I had my colposcopy today. It wasn’t nice as we all know. I feel like the build up was so much worse than the actual procedure.

I just wanted to ask how others appointments went as the nurse didn’t seem bothered at all about what was going on. She explained that this is more of a preventative than anything more sinister.
After the examination she said there did seem to something high grade there (CIN3) and they are able to “sort this”. I was told to expect a letter in 4 to 6 weeks with biopsy results and to expect to have a procedure to remove these.

I know they are not able to tell from the colposcopy whether this is cc but the way she was acting has come as a relief as I have been physically ill over this. I just don’t want to be blind sided when I do get results as this is the most relief I have felt in weeks.

She could have just wanted me out of the room but do you think they can spot things more sinister?
I am really sorry if this seems very trivial as I know some of you are going through some really tough times. I just feel like this is the first time I’ve been able to breath in weeks.

All the best :heart:

Hey @Ahill88uk I had biopsy’s at my colposcopy and they came back as CIN3, the nurse at the time didn’t really say anything to me at all!

I got a letter 2 weeks later inviting me to go back for a LLETZ, I had that done and the results came back to say it was just CIN3 and no CC found!

I don’t think they can really see there and then if you have CC even if they see a mass they still have to biopsy that when it’s removed, to know what’s going on!

All the best and I hope your results are good news! X