Colposcopy , results , worried! (children mentioned)

Hi there everyone,

This is my first post so bare with me, I had my first colposcopy on Febuary the 25th I went reffeted as my smear results showed moderate cell changes,  when I went I was really anxious and worried, while she was looking she said the cells were wide spread and was definitely worse and was now severe cell changes CIN 3 the nurse took 3 biopsies from 3 different parts of the effected areas... This worried me 3 biopsies??? Is this normal??? She did say I will defiantly need treatment but I just have to  Anyway when I asked her she said that it had gotten worse and I should hear back within 2 weeks, it's now 8 days and  going out of my mind,  I've totally prepared myself for bad news... Thinking all terrible things,  I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience? And how long should I expect to wait? I'm making myself Ill with worry here!! :(

Hi am in the same boat as you I had 4 biopsy took and she told me she was rushing them for me as it looks very suspicious of cc I have been freaking out thinking the worst I am a  mum of 4 kids 18/14/5/4 months I phoned her today to see if results were back and she told me it takes a week for urgent ones to come back I have an appointment for the 11th march to see her and one straight after to see a consultant try to keep your self busy I no it's hard but it helps I was made up my nurse give me this site to go on as I was googling it and freaking out I Thourt I was the only one going throu this the waiting is the hardest part xxx

When was your appointment? That all sounds so familiar that's been 9 days for me ive been basically sitting by my phone and letter box waiting on a letter of phone call, it's such a relief that I'm not the only one who is going thru this!! xxxx

I have 2 little ones 4 and 2 cxx 

My biopsys was last Friday I phoned the clinic today to see if thay were back and she told me it takes a week and there not back yet I have asked her to phone me if thay come back b4 my next app on the 11th so I no what to expect when I go there I have had 4 weeks of worry thinking the worst but the nurse I have seen is very nice and put me at ease a bit xx


oh god I can totally sympathise with you, the waiting is really getting to me,  see I didnt feel the same about my nurse she didn't give me any reassurance atall, I guess that's how I have been so worried xxxx