Re occurrence worries

Hi ladies,
Haven’t been on for a while I’ve been slowly recovering from my robotic radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal preformed 5 weeks ago, I’m healing nicely and doing good…a week later I was given the all clear and no further treatment necessary, I have my 6 week post op appointment on the 21/12/15…I suppose it’s a routine appointment!!
Anyway my fears of re occurrence of the cancer are getting worse I understand I’ll be having 3 monthly check ups but I’m terrified it’ll come back…how common is re occurrence I have no idea and I’m petrified, hope someone understands my fears!!!
Kelly xx

Oh I totally understand your fear and I haven’t had my op yet ( this fri, I’m shitting it) I’m having the same as yours, how did u find it if you don’t mind me asking? How painful is it? And any bladder issues?

Anyway back on track, I would think everybody worries about this and I was only thinking the other day that once I get the all clear, how do you move on? I mean every 3 months your going to mentally go through it all again and then the wait for results, I decided it will be hard and it will be a constant worry but you need to try and carry on and put it to the back of your head else it will rule your life.
Keep smiling you have the all clear and try not to worry about what’s not happened yet :slight_smile: xx

Hi Kelliwoo,

You wouldn't be normal if you didn't have some anxiety about reoccurrence when you go for a check up, but it's really important to not let it run away with you. Now that you have a clear result, it's time to start living again and get on with life. We none of us know what fate awaits us in life, and worry just gets in the way and stops us enjoying things. There is loads of information out there about dealing with anxiety which is all useful. If it seems to be really getting the better of you then your GP should be able to help. 

Just a quick line to Monster to wish you all the best for the 18th. I had a laparoscopic radical hysterectomy in Oct 14 and they kicked me out of hospital the following day. I was fragile for a few days, but soon got back on my feet again. Do prepare yourself though to be constipated after the op. Things like that can get you down if you don't deal with it, so get the senna in!

All the very best to you both. Together we are stronger! 

Hi Kelly :-)

The run-up to a follow-up exam is always an anxious time. I think that at this stage they are mostly checking how well you are healing, I would think that 6 weeks is way too early to be thinking about a recurrence. Your first few follow-ups are bound to cause anxiety, but you'll get into your stride and they become less terrifying once you have a handful of all-clears under your belt.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Kelly,

Good luck at your follow-up, you have had great replies here. There is a section on recurrence on the Jo's Trust web site that I have just read, I too am waiting for my first follow-up (although it will be 5 months post op). I suspect we all worry about recurrence to some degree. 

Good luck tomorrow Monster - it was much better than I expected.


x Mitch