Help - Reoccurence scare 13 months post trachelectomy

Hello ladies,

This is my first post on this forum, I'm a 29 year old woman from Australia. Until now, I have dealt with most of my feelings surrounding my diagnosis and treatment alone and feel now is the time to reach out.

A little about my story...At 27 years old in June 2012 I was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer (adenocarcinoma). I had a few abnormal paps in my early 20's, CIN I which went away on it's own, so the cancer diagnosis came as quite a shock. I was lucky enough that they could preserve my fertility by removing my entire cervix, the cervical stroma, part of the upper vagina and pelvic lymph nodes while preserving my uterus. On my 28th birthday, July 24th 2012 I was admitted for a radical abdominal trachelectomy. My recovery went reasonably well with both the external and internal scars healing nicely. I was back at work 6 weeks later and while phyiscally I've done well, the emotional scars and paranoia that it will return live on.

Since my surgery, I have had bleeding after intercourse as well as mid cycle bleeding. I go back to the hospital every 3 months for a check up and on Tuesday this week my gyno oncologist discovered a lump at the surgery site where my cervix used to be which she referred to as a polyp. When I asked her if that was normal and if it was benign she said "it shouls be, but we will have to check it for cancer". So, she biopsied it and also booked me in for a day surgery to "check what is going on". I'm currently on the waiting list and will be in for the surgery in the next 2 weeks. Although some light bleeding has been normal for me since my trachelectomy, the bleeding is currently heavier than usual. I am a bit of a train wreck at the moment and fearing the worst. I mainly want to see if anyone else has had a similar experience and if anyone has any stories of re-occurence after the radical trachelectomy?

Hoping someone out there can help.

Thank you

Hello TouchTheSky

I just wanted to reply to you as sometimes on here you don't get replies and that saddens me. I can't say my experience has been the same and I can't offer you any words of wisdom in that respect but I wanted to say to you to hang in there, this may be quite normal after the surgery you've had.  The waiting is hard, it seems we're always waiting for results of some kind - a form of mental torture if you ask me.  Hope you get good results from the recent biopsy - keep your chin up!



Thank you so very much for your reply Sharon. I appreciate your kind words and I wish you all the very best.