Post treatment worries

Hello Ladies.

Well, following the Loop procedure I was told that there was "a tiny patch/dot of cancer" revealed in the biopsy which they graded as 1a1 together with CGIN.  As I am not intending having children it was recommended that I go ahead with a radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal.  They were leaving the ovaries as I am only 36.  So I went ahead and had the rad hystrectomy on 13 May.  Recovery has been ok as you can imagine.  I am now back at work and the gym and generally feel great.  The results of the hysterectomy back back and I am pleased to say that there was absolutely nothing else found - NO CANCER!!!! However I have just been for my 3 month check and the Doctor said that everything looked great and I was healing very well.  I am to go back in another three months as they like to keep a close eye on you for the first 2 years or so.  Before the checkup I was feeling ok about things but since I have been worrying myself silly that it might start in what is left of my "lady bits".  Has anyone else had similar worries?  Does it get easier?  Any comments would be gratefully received.


On another note - well done to all you ladies who are battling on so bravely, you are all fantastic.  xx

Hi Mymyggie

Didn't want to read & run, you're not alone in having these thoughts, it's only to be expected after what us ladies have been through, i'm 7 months post op & even though my histology results were good & no cancer found, i still have these thoughts, mine was stage 1B1, had a few check-ups since all have been remarkable, it's so hard to get these thoughts out of your head sometimes, have you thought about talking to a McMillan nurse specialist, they're really good with this sort of thing.


Mandy xx

Hi ladies

I am 10 months post op and yes, I have the same thoughts but it has got better as time has gone on.  For stage 1b1 there is a 10% chance of recurrence which gets better the further you go as 'clear of cancer at this time'.  I hope and pray it doesn't come back but I don't want to take it for granted that it won't and would sooner be realistic about it.

The way I look at it is that with all these check ups if it does come back then they will catch it early.  I asked my consultant what the treatment would be if it came back and he said radiotherapy.  Well, lots of the ladies on this site have gone through a lot worse than that so I'm sure I could cope if it did happen.

I am getting a lot more like my old self now though and time does help.

Good luck with your journeys.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx