Advice please!

Hello ladies,
I am just over 2 weeks post Radical Hysterectomy and lymph node removal, I don’t think they have left me with much! Just trying to figure out what is normal. I am so swollen in the groin area and have numbness all over the tops of my thighs. The big one is the bleeding! Some days it’s light some none then today quite a lot and it’s fresh which has freaked me out and my back in niggling. Also, they removed my ovaries what do I do about HRT, no one has mentioned it. I don’t want to turn in to a mad women over Xmas!! I feel such a wet lettuce. I have been taking it soo easy as I fear doing any damage and going back to the hospital.
I know I will get better but man this challenging, I have never been so bored! The good news for me and is keeping my going is I think the op was a success. I called the ward with a query about one of my stitches and got my consultant and he told me the margins were clear but they did find another tumour hiding in my uterus. I’m hoping he knew who I was as he didn’t ask my name :wink:

Keep positive:) and thank you for offering advice, I am not sure what I would have done without the site.

Can't help with HRT  cos I kept my ovaries. Yes the bleeding comes and goes. the fresh blood maybe that a stitch has dissolved (which it's supposed to) and opened up a bit. my nurse has always said to me soak a pad an hour is the worry benchmark!! 

Good news about margins, and good they got uterus one too. 

Try and rest up. It is so boring isnt it. What on earth did post op people do before the Internet!!!



Hi JSR It was awful after the hyster and took a while to recover all bloated and misshapen.All returned to normal after 4 months except for the scar. I was put on estradiol as it's suitable for women who no longer have girly bits. I love it, no hot flushes, my skin is good - quite youthful, boobs are roundish, still feeling "in the mood". What's not to like? Jayne

Thank you ladies for your advice And reassurance. Really liking the sound of the hrt if it's going to improve my skin and helping my sagging boobs at the mo the "other" thing is not on my agenda. I don't know what they'be left me with downstairs but don't think it's much :( 

completely agree about the internet!!

Stay healthy ladies 

Hiya :-)

Well you're in good company if you've been left with 'not much downstairs' ;-)

I am not allowed HRT because of the type of cancer I had but I think it's fair to say that not everyone going through menopause is mad :-)

Be lucky :-)


Good news on your op! 

Of course you are feeling like a wet lettuce. You've had massive surgery, plus all the emotional roller coaster of a CC diagnosis, so you're not going to be feeling particularly perky for a while. Give yourself the full 6 weeks to loaf around and let your body heal properly.

Agree with Tiv re menopause! I'm a lot older than you and went through a natural menopause before all this cancer lark kicked off. I never had a hot flash or crazy ass mood swings either. Skin is a tiny bit drier and hair is a tiny bit thinner, but nothing that a bucket of moisturiser and a good conditioner can't handle. Maybe you'll be lucky too. Apparently, and this may well be an old wife's tale, women tend to have similar experiences with menopause as their mum, so if you're mum went through hell, buckle your seat belt and get ready!


t x

TeresaF my Mom was the mad women that's what scares me, don't want to inflict that on my hormonal 14 year old daughter or my 13 yr old son, hubby he can handle it. 

Thank you for all your replies, reading and posting on here has been such a big help during a very turbulent time. Can't wait to say good bye to 2016 and hello to a new year!!

Good luck to you all :)

Hi All I'm looking forward to 2017. It's going to be a much better year. As to down there. I haven't tested it yet. I'm single so no use since hyster. I am interested though but no takers. I plan to get out there in March, ramp up the socialising and flirtig. My portacath will come out in March. However the dilator thing seems to go all the way. When it happens I will let you all know as it will be a momentus event and worth broadcastig Jayne

Bless you Jayneeb, wishing you every success in finding new "friendships" in 2017! That's such a positive outlook :) and sounds like a lot of fun. For me I can't think of anything worse ;) my poor hubby is going to have a bit of a wait. Hoping things are semi normal down there but they have taken away part of the vagina so no idea what's left! 

Good luck girl and go get um