Home! Yay xx

Hi ladies, I had my radical hysterectomy, ovary and lymph node removal on Thursday. The consultant said the op went well. Friday I felt great, so much so that they were going to let me home on Saturday. However Saturday came and I was sick all day and couldn't even drink a cup of tea. I felt really bad for the catering staff as I ate nothing. They kept saying they would make me anything I wanted but I just couldn't. This morning I felt fine and am now at home sitting in the garden being waited on hand and foot. I don't feel in pain, physically I feel ok. My stomach is swollen as is my groin area on one side! That looks really a bit weird...... My consultant said it will go down. I hope so! Did anyone else have this? Also, as dreaded, I have the flipping catheter bag strapped to my leg until the 23rd! The consultant said it is to ensure that my bladder rests and so I don't get an infection.  I think if I didn't have the bag I'd feel great so all in all it hasn't been too bad. I had a look at my incisions when they changed my dressings and they are tiny, so im happy about that. Glad this bit is done now and just want the results next and bag removed, lol.  Xx 

Hey Tess!

Welcome home :slight_smile:

I’m so glad your op went well and to hear you’re recovering fantastically! Brilliant!

My op was a full abdominal so a bit different to yours, however I did have much more initial swelling on my left side. My belly button became a slit rather than a round as it was all so wonky and pulled. It did balance back to normal after a few weeks, but I’m as swollen as ever 4 months on. That’s more to do with having the abdominal incision though, I so wish I’d had key hole grumble grumble!

Enjoy the sunshine and take good care of yourself :slight_smile:


How the hell have you managed that lady!! You’re a hero!! In and out before me! Haha
Maybe I’m just being lazy - although I have no catheter :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re struggling with my pain relief. Didn’t feel anything for last few days… But for last 24 hours I’ve been in pain :frowning:

Enjoy that sun in your white stockings :smiley:
I’m so happy you’re out the other side xxx

Just read your post!! GREEN socks too?!? Mine are whiter than white!!! You are very jammy!!! :wink: xx


so happy to hear that it went well and you're feeling great. 

catheter bag..... oh no is that what i'm to face as well

i had my second meeting with my consultant on thurs and he agreed we would do the surgery after my b'day, so i'm looking at a early august op date.


Hi Jo / Em thanks for your messages. I'm feeling ok now so hope that continues! Appreciate though that I'm probably going to have a few niggles on the way! Em, your procedure usually means a few more nights in hospital so I wouldn't worry too much and better to be in hospital being monitored. Pat, don't worry about the catheter bag, I seem to be in the minority in having it still in place after hospital.  Big hugs to you all xxx 

Hi Tess just reading your post, and wanted to wish you a speedy recovery! I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy, with lymph nodes last Tues 9th. Home Friday, but they removed my catheter in hospital and I immediately got an infection. It’s been the worse bit, so good advice from your doc to keep it in and give you the chance to recover a bit first. I’m doing fine now with antibiotics and gallons of water, although waking up at five each morning! Best of luck, xxx Shauna

Hi Shauna, thanks for your message. I guess all consultants do things differently. I'm sorry you got an infection, that's the last thing you need. So i guess I understand why my consultant has sent me home with the catheter. Its a real pain though! Are you still quite swollen? I think that's what I'm a little worried about, knowing how much swelling is normal? How are you doing otherwise? Tess xx 

Glad to hear it went well so far. There are likely to be a few different phases as you recover, but hopefully they will all go smoothly.

take it easy and don't rush it. X

Great to hear you Are home and feeling good. 

Take each day as it comes and rest if you feel you need to.

well done so far ....... Renember to be kind to yourself xx

kath xx

Well done Tess! You have done amazingly well - it was three days before I could sit on the edge of the bed without projectile vomiting on a nurse, and even then they couldn't bank on it!! Make sure you take it easy though (I'm putting my foot down on that one ;-) ) and don't rush things. You'll know when you've done too much, so make sure you listen very closely to your body and do what you can and don't worry about what you can't - make sure you give yourself the rest that you need (and deserve!)! 

Keep us updated - however you're feeling - and I hope the sunshine is helping. 

Much love, Annabel. x

Hi, I really do think the sunshine is helping! I know it's early days but I did think I'd feel worse than I do. Im getting plenty of rest and also getting out and about walking, inbetween sun bathing ;-). Im eating well and doing everything they told me to do. My belly is huge though! How long does that take to go down?  Love Tess xxx


As with everything, 'swelly belly' is one of those things that not everyone gets but it can take quite a long time to sort itself out. I understand it's partly to do with your body adjusting to less lymph nodes to manage fluid in your abdomen as well as tissues swelling as a reaction to the trauma of the surgery. You may also still have some gas in there after the surgery.

Many women find that the swelling is worse later in the day or if they overdo the exercise and don't rest enough. There's a lot of helpful stuff on the Hystersisters webiste http://www.hystersisters.com/vb2/article_163685.htm

I still have problems with it 6 months on, but I did have 57 lymph nodes removed and have an ongoing problem with fluid retention (hot weather doesn't help). I am definitely a different shape right now and I feel horrible about it but I have to keep reminding myself that it isn't about being fat or lazy, it's a side effect of the life-saving treatment I had.

Take it easy Tess - hope you continue to feel good x