3 months on from Rad Hyst


Just thought I'd pop back on and give an update. I had my radical hysterectomy at the beginning of August following diagnosis of Adenosquamous 1b1 in May. From the beginning I was told they thought they had removed all the cancer with the LLETZ under GA and this was part of the reason there was such a long gap from diagnosis to treatment. At my first follow up meeting I was told there was no trace of cancer found in any of the tissue removed - which of course is great, but also makes me wonder in the back of my mind whether I should have gone for the trachelectomy rather than the rad hyst - however you can't know the outcome in advance, so just have to make the best choice you can at the time. I still get quite upset at the thought of not being able to have any more children, especially as loads of people I know are either pregnant or have new borns, so there is no avoiding it.

Physically I am doing really well. I feel almost exactly the same as before. The stomach pains have just about all gone and the numbness in my stomach and the top of my legs has just about cleared up too, so I feel very lucky in that respect. I did worry about getting lymphoedema (and I know it's still early days) however the swelling in the top of my legs seems to have gone down and stayed down. I did get some swelling in my legs after I went out and had a few (quite a few!) drinks at a friends wedding reception and I've read that alcohol can be a trigger in some people - so I intend to try and limit my alcohol intake and hope for the best. I'm going to try and start an exercise regime in the next few weeks and get back to running. I've been back at work for the last month - most people are really surprised at how well I look - I think they must have been expecting me to look like I was at death's door, but I think it helps that other than the cancer I was perfectly healthy and reasonably active before, which I think has helped my recovery.

Good luck to all of you still going through treatment.x

Thanks for your post. Its really helpful for us following in ur footsteps to know how other people have got on.

Glad urdoing well!!!

Dons x

Hey Gardeng,


Well done.  It's great getting to 3 month milestone isn't it.  xx