Radical Hysterectomy done. Radiation probable

Hi Everyone, im 4 days post op. had ovaries and lymph nodes and abdominal hystere tomy so still very sore.Still in hospital with drainage bag and just been told by Dr that nodes are clear but radiation still likely due to spread of cancer cells around cervix. 

has anyone had the localised radiation after the radical Hyst?  Just wondering what to expect next. I'm glad it's not in the nodes but disappointed about it not being over :( xxx



I had the radical hysterectomy and after had to have both chemo and radiation. It was not to bad it is doable.i just finished my treatment in May. I pray all goes well for u. :-)

1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, path report showed parametrial lymph node, restaged to 2b, chemo and radiation. 

Hi, yes I had chemo and radiation after hysterectomy for lack of margins. i didn't have lymph node involvement either. It felt like a kick in the teeth but I got some great support from people on here and just reading other people's stories. 

i'll be honest I found it hard mentally to get through it but you do get through it and it passes. seems to be just how lucky you are with side effects or lack of. i found a couple of people in the hospital a great support system, so you'll do the same I'm sure. 

if you're just getting radiation too it should be much more manageable,. How's your support system at home? 

Hi Lizzy

My support system at home is good -Although I'm finding cancer such a lonely journey. I find out either tomorrow or Friday I think what treatment is necessary as they will discuss it at the MD meeting, I really hope it's only radiation. When I spoke to the Dr in hospital it appears the cancer was around the entire cervix so that's why they want to do further treatment. And I guess mine will also depend on the margins. How long did you need chemotherapy & radiation for? I think it is a kick in the teeth when you already have to go down the path of a hysterectomy. 

I hope you are finished treatment now? Do you feel it's over or does it never feel that way? 


Krissi xx

Hi krissi, hope your appt has gone ok.

i was offered 25 radio, 5 chemo, 3 brachy. Have to say I only managed 4 chemo sessions but I completed the rest.  i think lots of places do the brachy differentLy but mine was once a week so overall think that was about eight weeks with something on. only just really finished but yes it does feel better when you don't have to go to the hospital every day. That alone makes you feel better. 

I don't know if I feel like it's over, but I def feel like there are other things in my life again which is really nice and I'm making plans again which is good.