Radiotherapy and Brachiotherapy


I am new to Jo’s Trust.

After a hysterectomy, It was discovered that I had cervical cancer, stage 1B2, I now have to have 25 rounds of pelvic radiation and 3 weeks worth of Brachiotherapy.

I am terrified of the side effects of the treatment and the permanent damage it can cause, especially Lyphademia and Bladder, Bowel damage.

Can anyone tell me if I will be able to drive myself for treatment?

It would be super helpful to find out about the experience that other people have and are having and if people had permanent side effects from this treatment.

Thanks xx

Hi @Sarah-Sarah - welcome to the forum - this is a great place to come for questions and support. I am so sorry about your diagnosis and understand the stress you are going through. I know it’s really hard, but try not to get too far ahead of yourself in terms of treatment and side effects. Everyone’s response is very individual based on many factors. Some people fly through treatment and work just about all of the way through, some people, like me, are unwell from the get go. I was unwell going into treatment and was very sensitive to the radiation and needed to be driven to most appointments right off the bat. But this is not everyone’s experience. On the bright side the treatment got rid of my cancer. On the down side I am dealing with some side effects from treatment, but I can honestly tell you I would do the treatment again in a heartbeat. I don’t think everyone experiences permanent life long damage. Those who have healed and have been able to move on are likely not as engaged with the forum as those of us with side effects are. I am told my side effects are treatable, it’s all a waiting game as I wait for procedures.

It might be wise to line up support for you and your children in case you need it. Hang in there, take things day by day and be gentle with yourself.




Thankyou so much for your reply.

I am so sorry to hear that your experience didn’t start well, but It’s a relief to hear that you don’t regret it! It’s nice to know that there is a support system for everyone.

Do you mind me asking what issues you have that is caused by radiation and brachy?

I am thinking of driving myself there and hoping for the best, I have a good support system around me who can help so I am forever grateful for this.

Thanks for your advice


Hi @Sarah-Sarah - I am so happy you have a good support system! It makes all of the difference. :relaxed: I had bowel issues over the course of treatment and lost a lot of weight. I have read that keeping weight and muscle mass on during treatment improves outcomes, so keep an eye on your nutrition. I sprang back pretty quickly after treatment ended, but started developing bowel issues again about four months post treatment. I am booked for a procedure this week that is supposed to help. A GI specialist will be lasering any broken blood vessels in my colon. Once the bleeding stops, the GI tract settles down. My dad had the same issues and post treatment after successfully beating prostate cancer with radiation six years ago and is just fine now!

I was a later stage when I was diagnosed with a tumour on the large side and some spread - so we likely would be exposed to different amounts of radiation - this makes me think you might be one of those angels who flies through treatment. You have every reason to believe your outcomes will be positive. :relaxed:

Lots of hope and success stories out there and we are all rooting for you!

@Dar8 My family have really got me through my journey to where I am today; I am very lucky. My radiotherapy appointment said exactly the same thing about weight and also said it might be difficult to maintain weight throughout treatment but to try best I could to remain the same throughout.

I have some nerve damage from the hysterectomy and since I have just become really fearful of everything to do with my body.

I am so sorry to hear that but it sounds like you are in good hands. Good luck with your procedure this week, I am so inspired by your positivity through tough times and such good news about your Dad.

When my treatment starts I am hoping to post about my experience with a view to help others.

Stay positive and keep smiling :blush: xx

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That all makes so much sense. :relaxed::two_hearts: Sending my best vibes your way.

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