Ongoing problems - looking for advice


This is the first time I have sent to this forum. I had brachytherapy treatment 6 weeks ago and since then have had ongoing bowel problems. It just doesn't seem to be getting any better - I'm getting to the stage where I am frightened to eat. One day it's diarrhoea, then I'm in pain with constipation or I'm just plain going frequently to the toilet. I have painful trapped wind and at times it's nausea that's the main problem. When I saw my consultant before the treatment he didn't mention any of this. He just said that I would very likely be very tired, but there was no mention of the above. I really would like to know if other women have experienced these kind of symptoms following treatment and if they have gone on for as long as 6 weeks after treatment, and if so, how long for? And has anything helped? I've been back to my GP several times and am due to see my consultant again at the beginning of January. It would be good to hear from someone who might have had a similar experience to mine. This is all getting me down.

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P.S. My diagnosis was cancer of the womb - I'm assuming it's more or less the same thing as cervical

Hi hun...I felt rotten after bracchy for about 6 weeks, though the nausea continued for a few months! I had to introduce foods slowly to my diet as had been on a low residue diet during radio. I then started getting awful abdo pains and was finally diagnosed with pelvic radiation disease about 9 months after finishing treatment. It might be worth getting a referral to a gastroenterologist if it continues...your oncologist should be able to do this... xx

Hi, I came online to find posts about brachy side effects and peples experiences as I cant believe how rotten I feel right now.  Had 2 sessions on 18 and 19 dec then 3rd on 27 dec and was ok at first but the fatigue has hit me like a brick wall and nausea is like never before and just dont want to eat anything but know I need to to keep strength up.  My bowels cant make their mind up and I have formed stools one minute, then the runs then back to formed...I am frightened to go out of reach of a loo.  I also find I am breathless after going upstairs or doing some light housework and it frustrates me as I was so active and fit before this - dont like feeling like this but can accept if I think it will pass after a length of time.  Hang in there and thanks for posting - I feel a little better after reading this and busybugs response also



Oh are not alone in this. I had my treatment 3 years ago..almost 4 now and I still have problems with my bowels. Its an ongoing thing sadly. Some people are worse than others. There is no cure so far. My symptoms are much like yours...up and down day by day. When I need to go I HAVE TO GO! But you do learn when it is at its worst...mine is usually the mornings. I dont often get constipated now but I often have the runs. Sorry to be the bearer of gloom lol. They didnt tell me about this either...but there is a name for it, apparently...PELVIC RADIATION DISEASE. Its part and parcel of CC I guess but its very annoying. Oh and the wind...well thats something else lol. I hope you both get some ease soon. xx

Hi all,we are all the same club I'm afraid, mine got so bad was admitted to hosp on Boxing Day 2011, and had surgery on New Year's Day 2012, and I had an illeostomy which I had till augustwhen my stoma was reversed but still getting some symptoms and now being refered to a gastroenterologist like busybug

pm me if you want any further info

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