treatment side effects

im 28 , 3children, brachytherapy.. iv had 6 weeks of radio and chemo and iv had one of my three brachytherapy .. found it very painfull and scary, im now due another in a couple of days im dreading it :( iv had horrible side effects this week like hot and cold flushes body aches ,really heavy head, sicky and in general very low, i cant do anything my kids are young and i just feel like giving up its all to much i feel like crap . i cant even sit in peace with it,when am i going to feel better !!!!? i cant cope with theese side effects anymore , how has anyone felt after brachytherapy???? when did you start feeling better?? 

I can't answer any of your questions, but I did want to give you virtual hugs and some strength.  You have made it through so much and are almost done.  I can't imagine doing all that and keeping up with three little ones, so you are basically superwoman already.  You have got this.  I hope you have help so that you can rest and recharge before the next brachy.  Hopefully some others will chime in and give you some good news about side effects.


Stay strong. 

Hi christinesophiew,

Like LaurieBeth, I don't have experience to offer.  Just wanted to send you a hug. 
Have you spoken to your CNS/oncology team?  They might be able to help, change something or at least offer advice. 
You are so close to the end of your treatments, I'm sure there is a way to get through it!  


I agree it's hard going, but it does ease up on e you finish. How many more have you go to go? Are you a day patient or staying over? Would it be possible to ask for more pain meds and a muscle relaxant? When's your next treatment and for how long? 

Wishig you well, 


Hi when I finished Brachytherapy after all the treatment I had a horrible 2/3 weeks. I felt so unwell and in a lot of pain. I didn't want to see anyone or have people visiting. I nearly fell out out with my (very kind and supportive) sister as she insisted on calling. I thought it would never go away, but it does. I didn't feel like eating, but you need to keep up your energy. Don't worry about trying to be all healthy at the moment. I lived on mashed potato or chicken soup. Keep it nice and plain at the moment. I never wanted to eat but when I did I found it actually helped with the nausea. I don't know if you have any problems with your bits ( I nearly cried in agony every time I had a poo). I bought a siltz bath from Amazon (it sits over the toilet). I would fill it with warm water and Epsom salts and sit for 5 minutes, bliss! I also took a lot of showers. These were a temporary relief for how I was feeling but it lifted my mood enough to feel a bit normal which was badly needed. Sadly the hot flushes could be menopause, it can happen very quickly after treatment. The hot flushes can be followed by a feeling of chills. I took my temperature once a day in those three weeks. It's really important to rule out any infection. You have done amazing, look what you've come through. Let your children have chocolate for breakfast, microwave meals for dinner, another movie on their iPads, anything that will make your life easier until this difficult time passes. Right now this is about you. Don't feel bad for thinking you are not doing enough. This will pass and you will be ok. We are here if you need support or need to rant. 

X Maria

Unfortunately I have no advice or words of wisdom for you but just wanted to send you virtual hugs. You're amazing and the finish line is in sight. It's a seriously crappy situation and your body has taken a serious beating over the last few weeks/months so be kind to yourself, this will be over soon xxx