Hi Ladies, feeling extremely confused, awaiting my MRI appointment, doctor told me to call them within two weeks if i hadnt got one in so they could chase it up. Doctors receptioist on holiday so noone answer calls, so called radiology, The doctor has referred me twice, but only for routine MRI… Im not sure how or why or what to do or think…

HI Lesley
Not quite sure where you are in the world so hard to know what may be happening. or why the Dr has just sent you for a routine MRI. so hard to advise. I’m in the UK and when I mentioned the post menopausal bleeding I went straight on a 2 week referral to Gyane, who did all the investigations and requested the appropriate scans.
Where in the world are you based? I hope someone may come along who may be able to help who knows the system where you are.

Hi peppie, im in Scotland,where r you ? Think its been done without realising, got call back today to say its changed to urgent and to different hospital,just hoping its asap,hense different hospital. Post menopausal bleeding? Hope your ok mrs x

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