Radio and chemo after radical hysterectomy

I had a radical hysterectomy 6 weeks ago for stage 1B1 cc. Since surgery my stage has stayed the same but as there wasn’t a clear margin I am needing 25 external radiotherapy, 5 sessions of chemo and 3 internal radiotherapy.

I have my planning scan on Thursday (signed consent forms last week) and I was wondering if anyone got given a start date on the same day? The hospital I will be receiving treatment at is over 2 hours away so I will be required to stay from Monday to Friday. Not knowing when this will be starting is stressful as I have a child needing watched during the week when my husband is working.

Also can any tell me how the got on with Cisplatin for chemo? I have a big birthday at the end of week 3 of treatment if my start date is when they have predicted . I’m wondering if I will be well enough to go away for the weekend as it’s been booked for months .

Thanks girls