Chemo/Rad Advice Needed for a Newbie!


I've been dipping in and out of this forum since I was diagnosed with CC 1b1 in May, this is my first post. I had a radical hystercectomy on 26th June (kept ovaries). I'm recovering slowly and steadily, although I still need a catheter. 

Yesterday I found out that 1 tiny (0.03mm) cancer cell was detected in a lymph. My consultant advised that I need chemo/radio - once I've recovered from surgery. I'm devastated. I wish they had taken my ovaries now.


I went into hospital fully prepared for surgery and was so glad- if anybody is awaiting surgery, i'd happily advise what to take in and what to have at home that made my life easier. Naturally, I want to make sure that i'm fully prepared for the next round of fighting. Any advice would be very welcome. 

What shall I eat, buy, prepare to get me through radio/chem HRT etc. I'm not sure if I'm losing my hair yet. I feel like I'm not sure of anthing anymore. 





Mum of 2 young children so I have to fight! 



I had the same treatment as u. The chemo and radation was not too bad. The doctors told me to eat what i could. The chmeo was not too bad. I did get the runs from the radiation about my 3rd week. I also had a little stinging when i went to the bathroom. U can do this just take it one day at a time and before you know it will be done. Then the waiting begins.:-)

Thank you Mmouse123. Did you go everyday for 5 weeks then? 

The waiting is worse than the treatment! 

Yes radation was 5 days a week, and chemo was once a week. Mine was on monday. Chemo days are long. But just rest when u feel u need too. :-)


How are you now Mmouse 123? I do hope you're well. 

Thank you for your reply. 

Also, I wasn't told if I would lose my hair or not. The Macmillan nurse wasn't quite sure. I'm preparing myself for it obviously but apprarently with CC chemo you don't always lose your hair. 


Thanks for asking i am doing good.  Still have my bad days hard to move on. If you have the cisplatin u wont loose your hair it might thin out a little but it will still be there. If u have anymore more questions or just want a listening ear text me i will try to help.

Hi ladies, was just reading your posts and want 2 wish you well, I've just had my hysterectomy 2 days ago and worried about the results from lymph nodes etc. 

Hi Debz33

I pray your results come back good and your recovery goes well

Thank you xx

Debz33, i've sent you a message on another thread to wish you a well recovery at home. I hated the wait for the next appointment post surgery, because I couldn't keep busy like I did before surgery. I do have lymph node involvement. 1 tiny microscopic cell! In a way this extra treatment is like an inusrance policy to make sure I'm free from disease. I kept my ovaries, so I'm devastated that I will have to now go through HRT. ( I begged to get them removed during the surgery too). 

My only advice to you is recover, rest and not compare yourself to me or others. I hope this is the end for you. One day at a time eh! 

Enjoy your own bed! 

N x