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Hi, first time posting and just a bit worried so looking for some advice. I went for a smear 6 months ago (had 3 normal results since I first had one then was about a year late getting my next one) and my results came back with slight changes and to go back for another smear in 6 months. Had my follow up smear at the beginning of April and got my results saying my results showed changes and I was being referred for a colposcopy. The letter for that showed up to today and the colposcopy  is a week today. Firstly should it be worried about how quickly I got an appointment? I'm in Scotland so the letter doesn't say what grade or anything, just I've to go for the colposcopy. 


And just wondering (sorry, I'm worried and clutching at straws here), 2 years ago my appendix burst followed by an infection which took over a week to clear and I was in and out of hospital for a month having I.V antibiotics and scans to make sure the infection had cleared. If there had been anything worth worrying about back then, would it have showed up on on the scans? I know that's probably a ridiculous question, but I feel a bit lost just now. 

Thanks in advance. 

Heya I think you are lucky to get your result through that quick and also your appointment for colposcopy.. for my first smear I think I waited just over 2 weeks for my results and maybe a week after to get my date for colposcopy

i had my repeat smear last Tuesday and am being referred back to colposcopy due to possible cervical erosion.. I'm still waiting for my results and date for colposcopy

as for your appendix bursting I don't see how the infection would affect the cells on your cervix but maybe once you go to your colposcopy ask the doctor that is doing your procedure about it it will definitely put your mind at ease

good luck! 



I got my letter on the fri and had my app on the tues! I was pooping myself but they said they had a cancellation so just put me there 

Hi ladies, thank you for your replies.

Sorry Laura, I worded that wrong. I meant if there was anything untoward would it have been picked up when I had a scan? I know it was 2 years ago so things have probably changed a lot since then but  I was just in a bit of a panic when I got the letter. Much calmer now and will just wait and see what happens.

Heya that is completely understandable that you are worried that it could play a part in this 

i would definitely ask just for peace of mind :) 

good luck! :) xx

I think they get you in ASAP as standard 


I too am in Scotland. Ive also been seen really quickly. I went to Drs on friday, had a phonecall the following tuesday for an appointment on the wednesday. Punch biopsies taken and im back tomorrow for the results. 

Im glad ive not had to wait long couldnt handle that. 

Good luck  x